“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

I saw a preview for the new movie called “Amy” a few weeks ago, coming to theaters sometime this month. Today, is actually the 4 year anniversary of her untimely death in 2011. Although she had many demons, her battle with alcoholism is the one that ended up killing her. Despite her troubles, Amy was one of the greatest artists of┬ámy generation, in my opinion. I actually did not catch on to her music in-depth until after she had already passed away, and I’m still upset it took me that long to realize how amazing she was, musically. However, the beauty of music is, it lasts forever. Amy had a truly unique voice that is hard to find these days. I would like to share my favorite Amy song with all of you. It was never a popularly played one, most likely because it is a remake, but it’s for sure my go to Amy song that puts a smile on my face, and makes me sing my heart out.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

R.I.P. Amy

Brie <3


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