We NEEDED Black-ish.

I’m sure, by now, you’ve all heard all about the buzz surrounding last night’s episode of the show, “Black-ish“, concerning police brutality towards Blacks/minorities. I’ve watched the episode three times already, and I cry each time I get to Dre’s speech explaining the sense of fear we felt on President Obama’s inauguration day, when he got out of the car and walked next to it. So much about last night’s episode was not only needed because of current events, but because we NEEDED this television show in general. How perfect is being about to see extremely hard but moving issues being talked about on television, and giving us the light-hearted, yet perfectly timed, laughs in between?

I haven’t felt so deeply moved about current issues, through a television show since the late 80’s early 90’s sitcom, “A Different World“. As most of you know by now, “A Different World” is my favorite television show of all time. It is my favorite show because of how much it taught people of all colors how beautiful Black people are, it taught me about my own Blackness, and more importantly it taught us about real issues in the Black community. It was also one of the best Black love stories we’ve ever seen between a successful young Black couple (Dwayne and Whitley). Last night’s episode of the show, “Black-ish“, reminded me of the episode of “A Different World” surrounding the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict. The show was cancelled the same season this episode aired because of this particular episode…of course -_-. It was such a powerful episode and gave insight to those who weren’t aware of the real injustices that happen everyday in the Black community.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re still fighting these exact same injustices. However, in an age of obsession with empty and overly stupid reality television, we have a show like “Black-ish” to remind us of the power of television. With all of the Love & Hip Hop trash shows constantly showcasing Black people to the world as ignorant, uncivilized, savage animals, who don’t know how to present themselves with class; when I say we NEEDEDBlack-ish“, I mean it. I’ve been a loyal fan to the show since it first aired last season, and I haven’t been disappointed. As a Black woman who grew up in the surrounding Chicago suburbs, they are touching on conversations and topics I could have only imagined being talked about, on a large platform, while I was growing up. Being the only Black family on the block or one of very few in the entire neighborhood is something I understand all too well. To see the writers bring it to life with a perfectly picked cast, and perfectly timed comedy, is all I could ask for in a television show.

If last night was your first time tuning in to the show “Black-ish” I hope you have now become a new loyal fan to the show. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the episode, please do yourself, and those around you a favor, and watch the episode. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Kenya Barris, for creating “Blackish”, and sharing your comedic brilliance and heightened consciousness with the world. I can’t wait for next week’s episode to keep filling us all with the hope you shared in last night’s episode.

Black-ish comes on every Wednesday night at 9:30|8:30 c.


Brie <3


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