Vision Board 2017

One of my favorite activities to do for the new year is a vision board. Not only are they fun to do, they give you a visual goal to aim for and accomplish, in the new year. I usually make mine before the new year begins, but this year I finished it 5 days into the new year. Better late than never, right?

 If you haven’t created a vision board for 2017 and would like to I suggest writing out what is important to you and what you plan to do to improve these characteristics, relationships, etc. My list for my vision board this year was: marriage, motherhood, black girl magic, business goals, health, natural hair, and self-care. I plan on improving and fulfilling my list and vision board with purpose. Purpose being my word of the year. I will share a short summary of my purpose for each of these aspects below.


I will purposely find new ways to love my husband. We will get creative and have more date nights. We will find new ways to simply enjoy one another’s company. Marriage can become a zone we get to comfortable in and become boring. So I will act intentionally to avoid this from happening.


I will purposely love my daughter more. I will plan weekly activities and do plenty of classic fun living room dance duos. I will also get her involved in extracurricular activities outside of the home. I love my baby girl, but just like in marriage, being a stay at home mom can become repetitive. I want to add more spontaneity to our already great relationship.

 Black Girl Magic:

I’m Black, I’m a woman, I’m magical, and damn it I’m proud of it. I will purposely and unapologetically, love all aspects of my blackness, and embrace it like never before.

 Business Goals:

I will purposely go after monetizing my blog, writing my book, and being a wine consultant. I’ve been saying for a while I wanted to monetize my blog but this year I’m being intentional about my actions in doing so. I will go to one of my favorite local coffee shops 2-3x a week, to get out of the house, and work on all aspects of my business goals.


I will purposely eat better and work out consistently to reach the health and body goals I want. I’ve been much better about doing both within the last year and half, but it’s not enough, and I can do MUCH better.

 Natural Hair:

I will have been natural for 10 years come August of this year. However, I haven’t taken the best care of my natural hair, and therefore haven’t reached the level of healthy natural hair I want. I need to be purposeful in not only what products I use, but protective styling, co-wash/washing often, and drinking plenty of water daily.

 Self Care:

Being purposeful about my self-care is directly what drives me and will allow me to be successful in purposely fulfilling every goal and vision I listed above. One of my favorite quotes is; “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it’s beyond true. I can’t be the best version of a wife, mother, friend etc. if I’m not the best version of myself as a woman. I will spend more time doing things to make myself happy and productive at the same time. 

If you were to create a vision board, what would you put on it, and why? If you have a vision board already, share the vision you have for your life in 2017, and what you will do to achieve it. 

Have a safe and blessed weekend everybody! 


Brie <3 


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