Utah 2015

As I had stated in my second to last blog post, we took a trip to Utah last week, and we had such an amazing time. We really enjoyed catching up with friends, and taking our first road trip as a family. We did some sightseeing and plenty of eating while we were there. It is a potential base for our family to end up as well, so we really appreciated the fact that we liked the area. Jordyn and I even found a little splash park on base while exploring the base while Kris worked one afternoon. She LOVES water so she had a great time :-).


I thoroughly enjoyed the large and up close mountainous view, as well as, the cleanliness and simplicity of downtown Salt Lake City. The people were nice, there was plenty to do, and we did as much as we could. Ed Sheeran was there in concert one of the nights we were in town, and I was so sad I hadn’t known that information prior to going. I would have for sure tried to get tickets, because I love Ed. However, I spent the evening with friends, shopping, and surrounded by beautiful imagery. This is what the mountains looked like outside of our hotel room on base.


Kris LOVES aquariums, so for his actual birthday, we went to the local aquarium. We had a really great time and the aquarium is so beautiful. Jordyn enjoyed putting her hands on the glass trying to get the not so little “fishies”¬†attention too lol. We’re definitely going to have a little swimmer of some sort on our hands.


My friend, Rebecca and I, had been trying the entire week to make it to the zoo, but the rainy weather had other plans for us and the girls. It is for sure on our list of “things to do” when we go back to visit the Jones’ again. We had such a great time with the Jones’, Rebecca’s family, and getting a break from everyday life in Montana. We can’t wait to go back and see everyone again.


Until next time, Utah. Thanks for the great memories! <3


Brie <3


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