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Steelray Project Viewer makes managing any job easier for the whole team.

Companies and employers face a litany of challenges when a new project comes down the pipeline. Who will manage each task? How many people are needed to complete each stage of the directive? What is the overall timeline and how is it best to divide the workload? The bigger the project, the more hands in the pot and the more figurative cooks in the kitchen, which means there is a greater chance for human errors to occur. No detail can be neglected because it will affect the entire process and workflow. Staying on budget, on task, and on time are essential components to successfully completing a job and maintaining a strong, enduring client relationship. So the details should never be left to scraps of paper and flimsy calendars.

Government agencies working on aerospace and national defense and construction companies are good examples of industries that might require project management software to oversee extremely long-term, compounding tasks to complete each job. When one aspect of a job is over budget or takes too much time, it drastically impacts the entire project. There are several competent commercial software options available when it comes to project management, but the most trusted software application in corporate America is Microsoft Project, more technically, Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM). Microsoft PPM provides integrations which allow project managers to streamline large-scale jobs, through multi-faceted tools helping them manage portfolios, timelines, and materials. The ability to track every step of a project’s status with ease helps eliminate undue stress, confusion, and ultimately, costly mistakes and unnecessary time and resources.

Microsoft PPM is the most comprehensive and trusted project management software application, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Additionally, there are many companies and users who require more robust capabilities to complete their projects. If each user were to purchase project management software the cost to the company would increase exponentially. Therefore, when businesses are faced with budget constraints but still need to quickly and easily share project information with the members of their task force, they can turn to Steelray Project Viewer. Steelray Project Viewer is a web-based software solution, compatible with Microsoft PPM and Primavera P6 (another project management software). It allows multiple users to look at .mpp files in the same core views and schedules as they would in Microsoft PPM. Therefore, as long as the Project Manager has Microsoft PPM or Primavera P6 they can share it with the whole team utilizing the most cost efficient, Steelray Project Viewer.

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After years of development and ongoing testing and evolution, Steelray Project Viewer has morphed into a comprehensive software solution improving on the features of Microsoft PPM. It is not a clone, but an enhancement. It gives users the ability to send status updates to the project managers electronically for streamlined task revisions. It is compatible with Microsoft Project 98 through 2016, Excel, Primavera .XER, and UN/CEFACT XML files.

Steelray Project Viewer also has enhanced printing capabilities allowing users to preview all pages, on page, or the actual page size before they print. These features help reduce unnecessary paper usage and countless hours of taping together schedules, only to have them become obsolete by the time they are assembled. Furthermore, the printing features available with the Steelray Project Viewer provide the functionality to see the effects on the print output, control the page size, orientation, and header data. In sum, Steelray Project Viewer is actually easier to use for printing and much more practical from a user experience standpoint than Microsoft PPM and many other project management solutions.

Major corporations like Nike, Nokia, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Deloitte have utilized the Steelray Project Viewer to drive their business and projects forward. They understand the huge cost benefit paired with the software enhancements, aid project managers to help over-deliver on client expectations.

Steelray Project Viewer is the brainchild of Steelray Founder and CEO, Brian Leach. Brian has an extensive background in project management and software development working for the likes of Red Hat, Cygnus Solutions, Motorola, IBM, and Ford Motor Company to name a few. He began using Microsoft PPM back in 1986 and quickly identified a need for printing enhancements. After years of development and listening to customer feedback he learned clients were looking for an easier and affordable way to view Microsoft PPM and thus Steelray Project Viewer was born.

Brian Leach, CEO of Steelray

Brain and the entire Steelray team are committed to helping clients see their data more clearly, and they have designed and evolved software that makes data easy to view, analyze, and understand. In addition to the Project Viewer they also have an Analyzer and Exporter; completing an entire suite of accessible and practical software solutions for project managers.

If you are a project manager looking to help streamline tasks while also reducing overhead and project costs, consider utilizing the Free 10-day Trial Offer for Steelray Project Viewer. It will give you a feel for the functionality of the software and also let you experience the ease and flexibility it adds to Microsoft PPM.

What are some of the software issues you face as a project manager?


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