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4 Years: 1,461 Days

Today the husband and I have been married for exactly 4 years. You know how people always talk about time flying? Yeah, this is one of those moments. The craziest part about this being our four-year anniversary is how much can change in only a matter of four years. To think of the two 23 year olds who got married in that church in, Evanston, IL four years ago, compared to the parents knocking on 30’s door year olds we are today…a lot has changed. Read more

Jesse Williams' BET Speech

This won’t be a  long blog post with personal life lessons or confessions. It’s the second Thursday of Black History Month, and I felt it necessary to share Jesse William’s amazing speech he gave at the BET Awards last summer for today’s, Throwback Thursday. Read more

Mr. Sandman

Today is Monday, October 24th, which means we’re exactly a week away from Halloween. With all of the Halloween festivities and parties going on throughout this week and upcoming weekend I can’t help but to get excited for some Halloween movie themed movie nights.  Read more

Happy Birthday, Billie!

Today, Billie Holiday a.k.a. Lady Day, would have been 101 years old. I have always liked Jazz music, but my love for Jazz music really bloomed about 5 years ago. Naturally, Billie became one of my favorite jazz singers, ever. There is something about her music where you can feel the passion and/or pain in […]

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“So Beautiful”

Happy Wednesday, everybody! We’re slowly approaching the first official day of Spring, but here in Montana, we’ve been lucky enough to have Spring like temperatures for the last month or more. It’s been strange to not be freezing while walking outside, but I’m not complaining at all. The Spring season always gets me in the […]

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Jazz Music Love

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day as I’m sure you all have noticed by now. My husband and I have dinner, family time, and gifts planned for this weekend. But if you ask me, what is a weekend of love without the greatest genre of love music? (Don’t debate me on this. Jazz music is every […]

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Throwback (Music) Thursday

I didn’t realize Aaliyah and Sade share the same birthday until earlier this week. How I’ve never known this information before then I’m not sure, because Aaliyah and Sade, are two of my favorite artists. I’ve known for a while I wanted to share a throwback song for this Thursday’s blog post. Since their birthdays […]

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My Old School “Man Crate”

If you are like 99.9% of the world, we love the nostalgic feeling of going down memory lane in our lives. Particularly, our childhood and what made it so special and different from other generational childhood memories. I was recently contacted by the community manager for a company called, “Man Crates“, after she read my […]

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I love R&B music. I specifically love 90’s R&B when male and female R&B groups were everywhere making great music. So you will see a lot of 90’s R&B music/groups on my page for music days. This song came on my Pandora station the other day, and you know that feeling you get when you […]

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“Stand By Me”

Ironically, I had this blog post scheduled to post on Sunday. But I woke up this morning, and read Ben E. King passed away yesterday, and felt it was only right to post it today instead. A beautiful song to remember a beautiful man.  R.I.P. Ben E. King. We’ve all seen the classic movie “Stand […]

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