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Self Care Sundays


Self care Sunday is one of the major parts of me taking better care of myself this year. Self care Sundays concentrates mostly on my physical outward appearance, but this ultimately connects to my mental and spiritual health as well. As they say, “when you look good you feel good”, and Read more

Adjust Your Crown, Queen..

Tomorrow is the last day of Black History Month and I wanted to end the month on a note that will educate and uplift our community. My Facebook friends have had to endure my rants the last few months about my growing dislike of the words, “bitch” and “hoe”, to describe my beautiful Black sisters. […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 everybody! I hope you all brought in the New Year surrounded by love and people you want to bring closer to you in 2016. We spent the evening at dinner with family and bringing in the New Year, at our home, playing games and having tons of laughs. I couldn’t imagine a better […]

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