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Father's Day Ideas

3 D.I.Y. Father’s Day Ideas for Kids

Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, June 18th, and most of us have procrastinated on buying a gift. For those of us who have little children we can still get away with the cute, handmade gifts, for Dad. My husband loves getting handmade gifts from our daughter, who actually turns three years old on, Father’s […]

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DIY Easter Basket

Easter 2017 is exactly three days away and I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. My little one, Jordyn, will be three years old this June. Ever since she was born I have found a new hobby in do-it-yourself projects for toddlers.  Read more

5 Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is seriously right around the corner. If you’re a last-minute planner like *cough* my husband *cough* then you’re probably trying to figure out what to do. Everyone complains about how expensive Valentine’s Day can be so here are a few ideas that go easy on your pockets.  Read more

Fitness Consistency in Chaos

If there is one thing I have learned since starting this post baby weight loss journey, consistency is the key all of it, both eating and working out. But, what do you do when your daily schedule varies day-to-day and can even be a bit chaotic? Read more

March Goals: Accomplished?

Hello everyone, and happy (third day of) April! I’m sure most of you noticed it’s been well over two weeks since I have posted any content. I decided to take a last-minute break from blogging during the remainder of March due to life being pretty crazy busy. Between birthdays (happy belated blog shout out birthday […]

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DIY Salt Dough Pumpkin Prints

I have had quite a few people ask me how I made the salt dough hand print/footprint pumpkin craft for my little one, and I wanted to share the very easy process with all of you. I got the idea from @jessiebroad’s Instagram page who made almost the exact same craft with her children. The […]

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Healthy Halloween Snacks

It’s that time of year again where we use all of the motivational speeches in the world to convince ourselves why we NEED to eat healthy and avoid the delicious Halloween candy that will be thrown our way. The only problem with this logic is…it hardly ever works because we don’t think of alternatives. Sure […]

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Peppercorn Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

I randomly decided the other day I wanted to try my hand at infusing my own olive oil. I wish I had some spectacular story as to why I had this thought, but I was making the grocery list, we needed olive oil, I wrote it down, and BOOM I decided to make my own […]

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5 Creative Date Night Ideas

Grow up in the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs, one thing I didn’t realize until I left, is how many activities and attractions I had around me to keep me busy all year-long. Once summertime rolls around you can add the plentiful music festivals and other outdoor activities to the mix. However, my husband and I are currently based in […]

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Quinoa Burrito Bowl Salad

One of my favorite quick food stops, that fits into my “cleaner” eating, calorie counting lifestyle, is the shredded chicken salad from Cafe Rio. If you have never been to Cafe Rio, their handmade tortillas are AMAZING. I am willing to eat only lettuce and dry chicken if it means I can eat that tortilla. […]

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