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Special Olympics Montana: Spring Games 2017

The Special Olympics Montana Spring Games 2017 took place this past week on the University of Montana campus, in Missoula, MT. This is the first year I was able to go to the event with my team. Even though I have been coaching track and field for a few years I always had a scheduling conflict. This was also my first year coaching the adults (Purple Hornets) track and field team. We had such a great but exhausting time because we went non-stop for four days. Jordyn accompanied me for this trip too which quadrupled my level of tired. Ha! We took a charter bus to Missoula, MT for the games. It was Jordyn’s first time on a bus trip and she loved it. Between seeing the animals outside and movies playing on the bus, she loved every second.

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My 28th Birthday Thank You!

Today I turned 28 years old, and I’m feeling so many emotions. The one emotion that best describes all of them put together is: joy. I’m so happy and thankful the Lord has blessed me with another year. I know and read too many stories about people younger than me not seeing this age, so I know to always be thankful for every day God blesses me to see.
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Summer 2016 Recap!


Happy and blessed Sunday, everybody! I hope you all enjoyed your first Sunday of September 2016. It’s hard to believe it’s already September isn’t it? We’re officially 75% done with the year 2016. I know, I freaked out a little when I sat back and thought about it in terms of percentages too. Anyway… Read more

Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 everybody! I hope you all brought in the New Year surrounded by love and people you want to bring closer to you in 2016. We spent the evening at dinner with family and bringing in the New Year, at our home, playing games and having tons of laughs. I couldn’t imagine a better […]

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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas day here in the Jamieson household. We were even lucky enough to have my Mother-in-law here to celebrate this special day with all of us. Christmas is my absolute favorite day of the year (followed closely by my birthday) so it’s safe to say I’m the cheesy, […]

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Happy Veterans Day

I made the mistake of watching the video posted below before typing this post, so sorry in advance for any misspelled words and incoherent sentences while attempting to type through my tears. Today is the day we are grateful and thankful to all of the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve […]

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Selfish vs. Selfless

In the spirit of the season, I have decided to make my Sunday blog posts for the month of November about giving and gratefulness. I know this tends to be the cliché trend of everything in the month of November, but what is wrong with doing something for others and sharing positivity? In a world […]

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Farewell, Miller Family!

Today, our awesome and close friends, the Millers, started on their journey to start their new chapter at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Talk about a bittersweet (definitely more bitter than sweet) feeling. They have been stuck here at this base for a very long time so this new journey of positive changes and more opportunities is […]

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Jamieson Fall Photos 2015

We took our annual Jamieson family fall photos in mid-October here in Montana. In case you are wondering how to get a one year old child and two year old puppy to sit still and smile for pictures the trick is: it’s an impossible request. However, if you’re lucky enough it’ll look like everyone is […]

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Jordyn Denise : 1 year 4 months

Miss Jordyn Denise is growing up and becoming such a little lady, or “little person” as my husband and I like to call her. It’s amazing how much she seems to learn in only one day. While we were home in September, her Auntie Andye taught her a dance/ballet move, as well as getting her […]

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