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Vision Board 2017

One of my favorite activities to do for the new year is a vision board. Not only are they fun to do, they give you a visual goal to aim for and accomplish, in the new year. I usually make mine before the new year begins, but this year I finished it 5 days into the new year. Better late than never, right? Read more

2017 Goals

We may be four days into the new year, but it’s never too late to share your long time goals, and ask the people closest to you to help keep you accountable. Since 2017 is my year of purpose I’m being intentional in setting my goals and them all serving a purpose of being a better version of myself. Read more

Happy New Year! 2017: Year Of Purpose

Happy New Year beautiful people! Today is, January 1st 2017, which means we all have 365 days to show the world who we are and what we will do in the year 2017. We’ve all heard the popular phrase “new year, new me” floating around this time of year, and although most of us are tired of hearing it, there is some truth to it. Even people who

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