Summer Hiatus Over: Jamieson Diaries Is Back!

Happy September everybody! It’s been a very, what seems to be, short yet long three and a half months since I’ve last been here, but oh man am I happy to be back. In mid May (right after Mother’s Day to be exact) I decided to take a mini hiatus from blogging and concentrate more on social media connecting and sharing through pictures, tweets, and videos. I knew my youngest sister would be coming here to visit for the summer and we would all be engaging in summer activities and vacations that I decided it would be best to simply have uninterrupted fun while the short summer months were here. Although summer isn’t technically over, it’s pretty safe to say the kids being back in school, earlier sunsets, and fall decor in stores signifies in all of our minds, it’s over. I’m not complaining in the least bit though because I absolutely LOVE fall! But I’ll get more into my love of fall in a blog post later this month ;-).

I had a great summer filled with tons of love and laughs from loved ones. I hope you all enjoyed your summers as well and are successful in whatever this upcoming season has planned for you.

I wanted to say hello to all of you, tell you I’ve missed you, and can’t wait to share more awesome content with my even more awesome readers.

Happy Thursday folks!


Brie <3


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