Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley

This upcoming Saturday would have been Bob Marley’s 71st birthday. If you haven’t been underneath a rock the last twenty plus years, you know how much influence Bob Marley had, and continues to have, on our culture. You can even count the multiple Bob Marley quotes you see while scrolling down your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter timelines every day.

As a young woman who loves being part Jamaican, and representing the Jamaican culture, I thoroughly enjoy how much people have continued to embrace Bob’s talent. When I’m not in the best of moods, I can always count on my Bob Marley playlist or Pandora station to lift my spirits. I will share my two favorite Bob Marley songs. The first one: “Is This Love” always makes me think of my husband and daughter. Reminds me as long as we are together, even with the bare minimum, I will always have and be surrounded by happiness and love. My second song: “Redemption Song” reminds me of how resilient and strong Black people are. Through everything we’ve seen and been through in our history and lives, we still stand. Bob also reminds us how real mental slavery is too. In light of it being Black history month this is perfect to share with all of you.

I wonder how much genius was left in this man when he passed away at such an early age? Can you imagine what music would be like if one of the greats, such as himself, were still around to make music? In a perfect world, the music world would be MUCH different, which means it could only be better. Rest easy and happy early birthday, Mr. Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley.


Fun Brie Fact: While typing out Bob Marley’s full name I said it in my head the way Matthew from the show, A Different World, says it when answering a question at the Campus All-Star Challenge. I’m sure all of my fellow A Different World fans remember that scene too 😉

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  1. I read it the same way just seeing the title. LMAO

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