Power Season 3 (Recap)

Tonight is the season finale of the hit show, Power, and I couldn’t be more anxious, sad, and stressed. However, I, like most of you, want to know exactly how this is all going to end, and who’s not going to be alive at the end of it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t believe at least two people are going to be killed on tonight’s episode.

I don’t quite know who, but I know I want at least one of those people to be, Milan. Preferably Milan and Kanan. One of my favorite predictions I’ve heard to date was by my friend, Myk, who said Kanan is going to lie by telling Tariq Ghost killed Shawn, and Tariq is going to shoot Ghost. Overall everybody is still getting on my last nerve, for the most part, this season. This is a summary of how I feel about the main characters so far..


I wanted to punch him in the face when he was crying after breaking up with Angela. She’s a home wrecker and life doesn’t reward you for cheating on your wife. Also, I’m not sure why he’s so surprised about still being in the drug world. You can’t get in as deep as he was then wonder why it’s taking forever to cut ties and burn the wrong bridges.


He’s clearly a sociopath. If I knew Tommy I’d want him on my side simply because I wouldn’t want him to kill me lbvs. I know he’s hurt about Holly, but he’s the only one hurt about it so, I don’t care. He also needs to remember there was a reason Ghost was always the brains of the operation. Tommy is too emotionally invested in EVERYTHING. However, I do hope Tommy is much smarter than most of us believe and he’s playing Milan to end up killing him in the end.


I still can’t stand her and probably never will. She isn’t innocent because she was messing with Shawn way before Ghost reconnected with Angela. She’s a shady “friend” because friends don’t put LaKeisha in the position she’s currently in (hoping it’s not dead). And she runs her mouth too damn much about stuff she has no business being in. The only reason I want Ghost to be with her is because they clearly work better together and for the kids.


Is still a hoe. Still ain’t sh*t. I hope the feds lock her up and I hope it’s Greg who does it. Nobody cares about your hurt feelings when you’re a home wrecker. I wouldn’t be upset if Tommy followed through with his original plan to cancel her like Christmas.


I’m happy Tommy cancelled her like Christmas. The end.


Is the definition of EVIL and I hope someone kills him soon. The fact he’s using Tariq to get back at Ghost is so low. Ghost didn’t keep Shawn close to get back at Kanan he did it because he actually loved Shawn. The beef between the two of them shouldn’t involve their children.


Is a first class, spoiled brat, idiot. I hope Ghost and Tasha find out about his friend “Slim” ASAP and beat the Black off of his little behind. He should haveĀ gotten beat down a few episodes ago when he got flip with his parents.


He’s actually one of the few characters I legitimately like. You can tell Dre is a good guy who gets caught up with the wrong people, and ends up doing wrong things to keep himself, and his family safe. I hate how Kanan is controlling him using his daughter’s life as leverage. Ugh! Someone kill Kanan already!


Most people don’t like AUSA Knox but, I do. Greg is truly the only person actually doing his job. He’s clearly a damn good AUSA because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have put the pieces together to know James St. Patrick is Ghost. If nothing else, I hope he serves up some wonderful karma to Angela’s hoe self.


Is a true psychopath. He’s evil and needs to die. The end.



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