Post Valentine’s Day Workout

Today is workout Wednesday, and yesterday was Valentine’s Day. If you are anything like me, you took full advantage of Valentine’s Day to eat delicious, terrible for your health, food(s). As if Valentine’s Day isn’t enough of a reason to eat these yummy foods, yesterday was Tuesday which means, it was also Taco Tuesday! YES. Absolute perfection. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town for dinner last night where I ate my entire TWO chimichanga entrée all by myself. #iAintSorry. However, my body is definitely sorry, because today’s workout will not feel too good. I’m sure of this LOL.

This prompted me to come up with a workout we all need right now. It’s more so a fun torturing game of seeing how terribly you ate and finding what workout you need to do to offset the calories. Go through the list below and write down what exercises your workout will consist of. If you were a goody two shoes on Valentine’s Day, and didn’t eat terribly like the rest of us, then you can pick at least half of the workouts below and do them so you don’t feel left out. 😉

Chocolate –> 5 Burpees (for EVERY PIECE you ate. Ha!)

Wine –> 10 Minutes Cardio (for EVERY 8 oz. glass)

Non-Chocolate Candy –> 5 Push-Ups (for EVERY piece)

Ice Cream –> 7-10 Minute Abs (Do 7-10 different abs exercises for 1 minute each)

Tacos –> 10 Lunges (for EACH taco you ate)

Sugary Beverage –> 30 Second Plank (per 8 0z.)

High Calorie Dinner –> 1-2 Minute Jumping Jacks

Now that you have written out your exercises for your workout, you will repeat your workout list for 2-3 rounds, with 1 minute rests in between each set. If you need more of a challenge you can up the number of reps per workout and/or increase how many rounds you do. May your workout feel torturous as you do it and you feel delightful once it has been completed!


Brie <3


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