My Top 10 Favorite TV Couples

I watch a lot of TV shows, but there are only a handful over the years where I can say I truly love the onscreen couple. You know what I mean, the couples who in your mind, are real couples and not just make believe for TV. I love all 10 of these couples and refuse to acknowledge they’re married to other people in real life. These are my top 10 TV show couples who in one way or another I like to think about them being a little bit of my husband and I. Who are your favorite TV couples? Share in the comment section below :-).

#10: Phillip and Vivian Banks (the 1st one)

Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

There was just a certain sass and realistic vibe between Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil many married women can relate to. Uncle Phil was this big, powerful, lawyer who could scare the crap out of his children, and nephew. Then there was Aunt Viv, who for the most part didn’t have to say or do much to prove she was just as powerful in their home. But when she did, especially towards Uncle Phil, she did NOT play that! Remember when Uncle Phil faked a back injury to get out of going to the lamaze class with Aunt Viv? Now, remember how much he regretted that pooor decision once Aunt Viv went off on him? Exactly. How could I not love their dynamic? Oh, and just to be clear, I only felt this awesomeness when it was the original Aunt Viv. I wasn’t the biggest fan of replacement Aunt Viv.

#9: Marshall and Lily Eriksen

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

I joined the HIMYM bandwagon a few months before the final season aired. It took my husband and I less than three weeks to watch all eight seasons on Netflix before season nine aired. The one thing I couldn’t deny about the show was how much I loved the cliché mushiness of Marshmellow and Lilypad. Yes, I did just address them by their nicknames. Marshall happens to be my favorite character on the show, because you can’t fake the hilariousness he brings to his character. Plus, as a married woman, who couldn’t love a man who wants to do nothing but love his wife, save the environment, be an awesome friend, and be passionate about great tasting food? Although I don’t love Lily individually as much as I love Marshall, there is no Marshmellow without Lilypad 🙂

#8: Michael and Jay Kyle

My Wife and Kids

My Wife and Kids

In my personal opinion, this television show was VERY underrated for how hilarious, likeable, and relatable it was to real life. What is even more underrated was the relationship between Michael and Jay. There are so many episodes I watch of this show and it could be Kris and I giving the exact same dialogue or argument. I love how flirt-y they made their characters. Michael was always making metaphorical flirt-y comments to Jay, without the kids catching on to what he was implying, or talking about. Now that I am married, I completely understand how important the playful flirting is in a marriage. I love Michael and Jay’s characters for being a very positive and realistic married couple.

#7: Corey and Topenga Matthews

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

I am a big fan of Corey and Topenga for many reasons. A few of those reasons being; this was one of my favorite shows growing up, they met when they were children and it reminds me of my husband and I, and lastly they were a really good example of how messy, crazy, and awesome young love can be. Despite how young they were there was just something so admirable about Corey and Topenga’s innocent love. Even when one of them made a mistake, it was so innocent you couldn’t help but want them to work it all out. Remember when Corey kissed that girl kissed Corey and him and Topenga were separated for a little while? Then she met a guy who kissed her as well? I’m pretty sure every single one of us were holding out hope of them getting back together even when it seemed like it wouldn’t because…they’re Corey and Topenga, damn it! Of course they worked it out and proved once more why we love them.

#6: Nathan and Haley Scott

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

I used to make fun of my best friend for watching this show in high school. A few years later I would be eating my words because this is one of my favorite television shows EVER. I got so attached to the show I found myself legitimately disliking characters to the point of hating them if I saw them in other television or movie roles. Yes, it was that serious. As much as I was team Lucas and Peyton from the beginning, there is nothing that compares to Nathan and Haley a.k.a. Naley. I think the biggest appeal of their relationship was how much they had to grow, change, and support one another in the toughest situations. Unlike many of my other couples on here, there wasn’t very much “realistic-ness” of this entire show. I’m pretty sure the only person who had an actual parents was Lucas. However, the rest of these high school kids were living in huge parent-less homes, emancipating themselves from their rich parents, becoming superstars, then getting married and pregnant all while in high school, and living as one big happy family. Despite how insane it sounds, Nathan and Haley’s love was something special. If you can watch this show and not get the feels when Nathan and Haley get back together after her superstar stunt then you clearly have no heart! Just kidding…sort of.

#5: Martin and Gina Payne



How could Martin and Gina NOT be on this list? I wish I could explain how much I completely relate to Martin’s non-stop goofiness, and Gina wanting to kill him at least half the time. It’s the story of my life being married to Mr. Jamieson. No, seriously. He is a huge comedian, goofball, and crazy person wrapped up in one person, and because of this I’m usually the one who has to balance us out to bring us back to Earth…but it works. Just as Martin and Gina’s relationship worked. Remember the episode of the first night they returned home from their honeymoon and Martin went to the pool hall with his friends, and Gina presented him with a beeper? (I know talk about throw back) He lost all of his money and clothes to a pool shark, who happened to be a woman, and instead of telling Gina the truth, he told her he ran into a burning building to save orphans? Exactly…LOL. They were a great example of how much couples are guaranteed to drive one another borderline CRAZY, but it’s all worth it in the end.

#4: Crosby and Jasmine Braverman



There are very specific characteristics of both Crosby and Jasmine that are extremely similar to my husband and I. There are too many to name, but I will say it is what makes watching them so much fun. If you have ever watched the show Parenthood, they are also the only couple who don’t make me dislike them for being extremely stupid ridiculous. Crosby is the classic boy who doesn’t completely grow up until he meets a woman to make him do so. He is a great combination of caring, confused, and completely in love with, Jasmine. Jasmine, is your awesome woman with undeniable talent and the most stable mother for their son. I also appreciate the fact that she is so kind, but will put someone in their place as “nicely” as possible :-).

#3: Eric and Tami Taylor 

Eric & Tammy Taylor

Friday Night Lights

If you haven’t watched the show FNL, I suggest you stop what you’re doing, turn on your TV, go to Netflix, type in “Friday Night Lights” and press play. Once you’ve started I don’t have to tell you not to move, because you’ll be too hooked to the show to move anyway. Once you’ve started watching, you will immediately understand why I love Eric and Tami Taylor. They are PERFECT. When I say perfect, I mean they are what marriage is ACTUALLY like. You can see the many moments where Coach Taylor is worn out and doesn’t want to be the man of his house and sometimes many other houses, but he sucks it up and deals with it. Then you have housewife gone workforce, Tami, who has to pick and choose the difference between support and sacrifice. They argue and always come back around to how much they love one another in the end. But seriously, just watch the show, and love them as much as I do.

#2: Heathcliff and Clair Huxtable 


The Cosby Show

Does this TV couple really need an explanation as to why they’re one of the best television couples of all time, especially in Black households. Two extremely succesful people who were even more realistic as parents. If you don’t believe me, and you’re one of the few people who lives underneath a rock and haven’t seen this show, you should watch any episode of Vanessa getting in trouble. (I don’t know what it was about their second youngest daughter, but she got in enough trouble for all 5 of kids combined.) Clair Huxtable is my spirit animal. She is the epitome of who I want to be when I grow up. She’s an awesome wife, mother, and lawyer. Cliff is who all wives want their husbands to be. A man who thinks he’s right, but knows the saying “happy wife, happy life” is the only way to live 😉

#1: Dwayne and Whitley Wayne

Dwayne & Whitley

A Different World

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the show ADW, and even more obsessed with Dwayne and Whitley. This is a show I feel EVERYONE should watch to learn more about themselves and others. The progression of Dwayne and Whitley’s relationship over 6 seasons was nothing less than perfect. They are two extremely different people from very different backgrounds, and they completely balance each other out. They were beyond believable with their chemistry and I’m still holding out hope to this day that they get married in real life haha. Whitley is such a handful and can be quite crazy at times most of the time, but a very intelligent woman. And Dwayne is probably the only person who can bring her back down to Earth when need be. More than anything, as a woman, one of my favorite parts of their relationship is the way Dwayne adores, Whitley. I am a typical romantic who gushes for men who adore their wives. The sentimental side of Dwayne Wayne is what makes him the greatest TV husband, ever, in my book. 🙂

Brie <3


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