Monthly Donations Challenge

For the last few years, I slowly learned to fully comprehend and understand  James Baldwin when he said: 

“To be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

Man. Mr. Baldwin definitely knew what he was talking about. In these last few years I’ve been trying to deal with how to effectively be part of the change that NEEDS to happen in this country, while responsibly deal with my own mental health, and help those who are just as conscious around me with theirs. On top of constantly seeing unarmed innocent Black people become another internet hashtag, within the last week, we’ve had to deal with the blatant prejudice and racism from this new excuse of an administration in the United States. It’s hard to physically be active (organizing, protesting,  etc.) living in a place like Montana, even more so on a military base where many people will blindly follow the lead of a hateful, racist, man and government, simply because they like the color red. 

My first step in doing better was being more vocal about the injustices taking place in this country on my social media platforms. Too many people are ignorant to the real world and what’s really happening to human beings in this country and world. I’m still vocal and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. My second step is actively trying to avoid companies and products who support anyone directly related with encouraging such hateful people and policies. My last step will now be to make monthly donations, majority of them being organizations who fight for equality, and/or help the people who will be impacted by this administration, or are important to me in general. It has taken me too long to realize I need to put my money where my month is and I plan on doing just that. These are the causes/organizations I know for sure I will be donating to:

– American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

– Black Lives Matter (BLM)

– Flint Michigan *Need to know who to directly donate to. Suggestions welcome*

– NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline)

– Special Olympics 

The last part of this list I don’t have specific organizations to donate to, but I know the causes or events I would like the money to go to:

– Breast Cancer (NOT Susan G.. Komen but an org. not looking for profit)

– Chicago Based Org. (something going towards opportunity for the youth)

– Veteran’s Org.

– Thanksgiving donation

– Christmas donation

– Go Fund Me Page (for a family member or friend) 

Do you have any suggestions of organizations I can donate to for the events/causes listed above. I’m sure it’s not hard to find larger orgs. but I would like to be sure the donations are being used for the actual causes and not going to someone’s pocket. What organizations and/or causes do you regularly donate to? If you don’t already donate to specific organizations who and/or what cause would you donate to, and why?

Although my donations won’t be anything major considering we’re not rich, it’s still better than nothing, and multiple smaller donations always add up. I’m hoping I’m able to be and get more involved with changing this world, especially for people of color and those with no voice, in the upcoming months. Until then, I’ll do my part here in Montana, and remain consistent in doing so.


Brie <3


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