June Netflix/TV Show Season Premieres

*WARNING* Previous season spoiler alerts!

Today is June 9th, 201,7 otherwise known as the, “Orange is the New Black” season 5 premiere on Netflix, day. The way last season ended left all of us feeling quite heartbroken with the senseless loss of Poussey. However, what is a great show without a roller coaster of emotions? I’m currently watching the new season as I type this. So far I’m not sure how I feel about season 5. I’m only three episodes in so I won’t be sharing any spoilers. I also need more time to assess how I feel about this season. The excitement for OITNB made me think about the rest of my June Netflix/TV Show Season Premieres.. This month, in addition to OITNB, Queen Sugar, and Power all return too.

For those of you who easily forget the season premiere dates like myself, I figured a blog post sharing the dates in writing would be a goof reference, for those of you who forgot yourselves, or didn’t know about them at all. In case you all can’t tell by now, I’m somewhat of a Netflix/TV show junkie. We’re enjoying a time where there are an overload of quality shows to watch on both platforms. I remember a few years ago it was hard to find anything on TV that wasn’t a “reality” show. Ugh, what a terrible time for television. Thankfully we now have Netflix added to the mix of choices for quality shows too.

Queen Sugar: Season 2 airs Tuesday and Wednesday, June 20th and 21st, at 10pm EST. This is a two night premiere! I’m so excited about this show returning. If you remember how last season ended, Ralph Angel read the note his father wrote before his death stating he wanted Ralph Angel to run the farm. As we all know, Charlie was the last one “running” the show even though all three of the siblings equally share legal ownership.

Power: Season 4 airs Sunday, June 25th, at 9pm EST. This is honestly the show I’m most excited to watch this month. If you watch Power then you already know why this show is so damn good! If you recall, last season ended with Ghost in handcuffs. Angela showed up to his club and arrested him for the murder of Greg. Oh man, it’s about to get good!

What June Netflix/TV show premieres are you looking forward to this month? Or this summer for that matter? I’ll be back in a few weeks with more Netflix/TV premiere dates for the months of July and August. Until then, happy watching! If you find yourself missing me before then, follow me on Twitter for live play-by-play tweets of these shows in the mean time ;-).

June Netflix/TV Shows

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