Jordyn’s 1st Swim Lessons

Happy Tuesday everyone! The youth center, on base, had a special for summer swim lessons this year. The lessons cost $25 per session. Each session is four weeks long with classes twice a week. We signed Jordyn up for the evening classes to be sure her Dad would be able to go with us most of the time. Although this was Jordyn’s first time taking official swim classes, by the second class, she looked like a natural. With only the help of floaties she was whizzing around the pool collecting toys, and taking “breaks” on the stairs.¬†

Her favorite activities in swim class were the sing-along songs and chasing the toys in the water. She loved the water slide the first two classes, but for some reason eventually stopped liking it as much. Watching her do so well in her swim classes made me extremely happy. Jordyn is a child who loves a challenge and tries her hardest to beat any challenges in her path. We were even able to see her friend, Livia, at swim class each week. What’s better than swim class with one of your fellow three-year old close friend? Both Kris and I spent time in the water with her, but as usual, it seems she enjoyed Dad’s company in the water over Mom’s LOL.

Jordyn's 1st Swim Lessons

For those of you who are thinking about signing your little ones up for swim classes in the future, here are a few tips I have learned over the last four weeks.

  • The earlier you can start your little one in the water the better. Jordyn is 3 years old and understands “fear”. If we had started her at an earlier age I believe she would’ve been more comfortable doing things like jumping in the water and putting her head underwater.
  • The smaller the class size the better. We were in a relatively larger class which means there wasn’t as much room for long stretches of swimming. If you can somehow find out the information for your child’s swim class size before signing up, I would and pick the smallest class.
  • Keep snacks handy for post class! Jordyn was always starving and thirsty after class. They use a lot of energy in their ¬†little bodies to swim for an hour. Having snacks handy gives you time to prepare an actual meal for your little one post class.

I am planning to sign her up for classes again next year. We’re going to rotate a few different activities for the next few months to figure out what she loves to do the most. Either way, she will be back in swim classes again because it’s important to know how to swim. Have you ever signed your little ones up for swim classes? If so, what tips would you have for myself and other parents looking to do the same for their children?

Jordyn's 1st Swim Lessons

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