Jordyn Denise: 1 Year 6 Months

Today my not-so-little cutie pie munchkin is officially a year and half old. We went to her 18 month check-up and her pediatrician was quite impressed with how advanced she is for her age group. As a mother, you always feel you are biased in saying how amazing your child is doing, so it feels great to hear her pediatrician reassure you that you are doing an a-okay job.

She has perfected the words: please, thank you, up, down, sit and calm down (when yelling at Ares), Mom, Dad, eye, nose, mouth, and teeth. When counting numerically she knows the numbers three, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. When saying our abc’s she knows a,b,c,d,e…and then she’s over it haha. Oh, and Daddy so sweetly slipped up and said the word  “SH*T” in front of her on Halloween night…as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now…Jordyn added that word to her extensive vocabulary as well. Mama wasn’t very happy about this. She hasn’t said it in about a week or so. Cross your fingers that she’s forgotten it with all the new words she’s been learning recently!


Jordyn still loves to dance (she even dances to the vacuum cleaner sound LOL) and still loves her doggie. Grandma Toni has been out here spending the holidays with us, and Jordyn has become her shadow. She wants to be with Grandma Toni ALL THE TIME. Mama doesn’t mind at all either because it has been nice to get a break!


With all of this advanced learning has come advanced attitude -_-. She went through a “spitting when mad” phase that we ended pretty quickly with time-outs and “pow-pows” lol. Now that she isn’t allowed to spit, she yells at us when we tell her “no” or to stop doing something. I can already see her teenage years are going to be a blast in the Jamieson household!


She’s still very much so a daddy’s girl and it’s only gotten worse. I’m pretty sure most days she thinks I’m just the live-in cook and maid. Whatever, maybe one day I’ll be her favorite again haha. Until then I’ll keep enjoying every second I get to spend with my Princess. I have so much fun with her and I’m excited for what the future holds in store for this amazing little human being. I’ll be back in a few more months for another Jordyn update. We love you guys! <3


Brie <3


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