International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day everyone but especially to all my ladiesssss! Women are amazing. Women of all colors, ethnicities, occupations, and living in countries all over the world. We are powerful. We are strong. We are beautiful.

Today, I will post my favorite poems by, Maya Angelou, that not only make me proud to be a woman, but to be a Black woman. I hope you all took some time today to reflect on the influence women have had in many aspects of your life, and maybe even took time to thank a woman in your life. I’m so thankful to be raising another courageous, intelligent, strong-willed, little girl who will grow up to be a woman who changes this world. However, as women, let’s work on supporting one another continually and intersectionally. This means showing up for the economic and social justice effecting communities you don’t think twice about on a daily basis. Or more importantly, that don’t directly impact you or those around you.

In the mean time, enjoy these poems, and always remember, there is such grace and power in the word: WOMAN.



Happy International Women’s Day!


Brie <3


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