“How To Get Away With Murder”

*SPOILER ALERT* if you have not watched last night’s season finale of “How To Get Away With Murder” I would not read this post. You have been warned.

Asher: His terribly corny slang talk is hilarious. Him being clueless to everything happening 99.9% of the time makes it that much funnier. He’s clearly starting to fall in love with Bonnie too. (Ugh, terrible idea) And why did the prosecutor want to talk to him? I guess we’ll find out in September.

Connor: This dude is such a sarcastic, Mr. Know-It-All, high strung, smart aleck, who apparently wasn’t smart enough to use protection every time he had sex. What everybody can learn from him and his “partner” is to WRAP IT UP.

Michaela: We got to see a first hand look at her sass and feistiness last night on both Rebecca, and her almost monster-in-law. The whole her standing up to Aiden’s Mama, and breaking out the southern country girl twang, while flat out telling her “I’m not giving the ring back” was awesome. Maybe confused ex-fiancĂ©, Aiden will stop putting up the front of liking women. 

Laurel: While talking about Michaela’s engagement ring, I’m sure NONE of us saw Laurel being the insanely smart yet conniving person she is. She’s had Michaela’s ring this ENTIRE time. I feel like she’s been underestimated the entire show (by myself as well) and will be showing us a lot more of why she deserves to be working with Annalise Keating in season 2.

Wes: Poor “Waitlist.” He’s such a lost little puppy dog. He wants to love Rebecca SO badly, but give justice to everyone in the process, that his nice boy, “I don’t want to hurt anyone” image is tarnished. Annalise was correct last night when she said they forced him to “grow-up” during all of this. I bet next season he’ll go looking for Rebecca to apologize for not trusting her. Too bad she’s dead. 

Rebecca: Speaking of the devil. I personally never liked this girl. She seemed like a liar and manipulator from the very beginning. The more sneaky and shady stuff she did, the more I was convinced she was the killer. I don’t care what she’s been through. How do you live with yourself knowing you gave a guy drugs that had him committed to a psych ward, and take the Christmas money his Granny sent him in the process? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore though since someone finally killed her. It was only a matter of time. Oh, and WHO THE HELL DID SHE TEXT FROM MICHAELA’S PHONE?!

Nate: He is one very patient and forgiving man. Besides the fact that he’s a terrible human being for cheating on his terminally ill wife with Annalise. Does he really care for Annalise THAT much? He lost his job, has been accused of murdering his side piece’s husband, and got beat down in jail in the process. I would like to say this isn’t karma for being a cheating dog while married, but then I’d be lying. Oh, well. 

Bonnie: I simply don’t like her. I don’t trust her and I haven’t trusted her since the beginning. I honestly thought she killed Lila considering how noticeable it was she had feelings for Sam, and was willing to act on them in her boss’s home/her place of business. I’m also enjoying the “Pot meet Kettle” storyline going on between her and Frank. Maybe next season I’ll like her. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Frank: What Huck is to Olivia Pope, Frank is to The Keatings. He is one nice bearded, good looking, female student chasing, shady GANGSTER. Because I did NOT see this one coming. And Frank, just in case you were wondering, YOU ARE A HIT MAN. A damn good one at that too seeing you had us all fooled this season.

Sam: Let’s make this clear- althought Sam did not physically kill Lila with his own hands, he ordered for her to be killed. Therefore, Lila is dead, because of Sam. With that said, karma likes to do this thing where it comes around and bites people in the ass. Sam had Lila (a student) killed, and Sam ended up getting killed (by a student). Womp womp. 

Annalise: Or “Anna Mae” as we found out her real name given at birth, in the last episode, is NOT a good person. Sometimes it’s hard to see when she is so intelligent and sharp. But if we REALLY reflect on her this season, we see an extremely screwed up person who screws up the people closest to her too. Getting the back story of her childhood and being molested by a family member helped it all make sense though. Hurt people, hurt people. At the end of this episode, she was repeating the line “Sam killed Lila” with Wes to help him believe it was true. It’s quite obvious she has said this lie to herself as well to not feel bad for helping plan the disposal of Sam’s dead body, as well as, having him convicted in court of Lila’s murder. Also, if I understood the storyline correctly, Sam married Annalise after cheating on his last wife with her? And he has cheated on Annalise on multiple occasions since they’ve been married? Who in turn got a boyfriend of her own, that she has set up for Sam’s murder, to save her students, but is going to help him NOT go to jail or be convicted, by any means necessary. See what I mean about her not being a good person? Exactly. However, she is a damn good lawyer. No doubt about it. 

All I want to know is; why is it not September, yet? I’m ready for the twists, turns, and stress of season 2.

Brie <3


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