Happy Fall 2016!

It’s officially the greatest season of the year! Break out the apple/pumpkin picking, crisp air, hoodies, hot chocolate, pumpkin flavored everything, beautiful colored trees, etc. I could go on and on for hours telling you everything wonderful about this perfect season. Oh, and did I mention, yours truly was born in fall? Doesn’t get much better than that, huh? 😉 (September 27th to be exact. I’ll be accepting gifts through the month of October LOL)

I’m excited to be traveling to the east coast this fall. I’ve always heard great things about how beautiful the east coast is during this season and I plan to soak it all up. One of my ultimate favorite parts of fall is the fashion. I can’t wait to wear all of my boots, hoodies, and turtle necks on our trip!

I’m currently working on two or three recipes specifically for fall to share on here in October. Be on the lookout for some yummy foods and drinks. What do you enjoy about this season? Even if you’re one of those super strange people who don’t like this season (I may be judging you) there has to be at least ONE thing you enjoy about fall. Let me know in the comment section below.

Well, I’m going to go outside with my little one and go appreciate the beautiful trees as we stroll around the neighborhood. It’s even overcast and cool outside, today. Thanks for giving me a real fall day on the first day of fall Mother Nature! 🙂


Brie <3


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