Happy birthday, Mommy!

I know, I was just here wishing my youngest sister a happy birthday, but today is my Mommy’s turn for a birthday shout out. My Mom is turning a young 21 years old for the 27th time ;-). This is the 2nd year in a row we’ve gotten to spend your birthday together here in Montana. Today will be nothing short of fun, filled with great food and laughter. You deserve so much more, but one day I’ll be able to buy you a vacation somewhere with sandy beaches and icy beverages :-).

You’re the best Mom anyone could ask for. You always put our needs and wants before yours (even me at almost 27 years old). If there is something I need or want, you do your best to make it happen. From cooking our favorite meals when you visit us, watching Jordyn for us to go on date nights, to being complete goofballs when we’re together. I couldn’t ask for a better first best friend.

It goes without saying you’re an amazing Grandma to, Jordyn. She does not want for ONE single thing, because I’m pretty sure she owns every baby gadget, contraption, and/or toy there is to offer thanks to you LOL. From her excitement of seeing you in the morning when we visit you/you visit us, to her contagious laughter when you two are playing, she loves you more than you could know already.


Thank you for being the world’s best Mommy and Grandma a girl could ever ask for. My friends have even adopted you as their mother/grandma for their children lol. I pray you enjoy your day, today, and God blesses you to see many many more. Oh, and you know Ares will even have some loving for you whether you want it not haha.


Happy birthday, Madre! We love you sooooo much! 🙂

   Mommy Collage

Brie <3


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2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Mommy!

  1. Happy belated birthday!

    1. She’s says thank you so much! Hug little Jordan for me and tell her my Jordyn and I say hello 🙂

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