Fitbit Charge 2 (Review)

It’s been exactly a full month since I’ve had my Fitbit Charge 2 and I must say: I LOVE IT. I mean, I really and truly, love this little thing. It’s crazy how much of an impact such a little device can have on your every day life. 

I received this Fitbit as a Christmas present from my awesome Mommy. (Yes, I still call her “Mommy” so whatever..) I wanted mine for the exact purpose of working out. I didn’t realize the intricate details this Fitbit would keep track of but I’m happy it does! The main categories you can check directly from your wrist are: the number of steps you take, your heart rate, the different types of workouts you may be doing, a stopwatch, when to take relaxation breaths, and the silent alarm. For more, many more details, you download the Fitbit app on your phone and can see everything else there. I really love that I can use the app to track my sleep schedule, keep track of the food and water I consume throughout the day, and whether I’ve hit my daily goals for steps (10,000), floors climbed (10 floors), miles walked/ran (5 miles), calories burned (2,400), and active minutes (30 minutes). Having something to physically see, and keep track of my workout progress, really helps push me to reach these goals every day. I may be a little childish too, because when you reach all of these goals for the day, all of the categories turn bright green, and this makes me SO happy hahaha.


One of my favorite, non-health, features of the Fitbit is the “silent alarm”. The alarm vibrates on my wrist until I wake up to stop it. This is such a great feature because my husband works a pretty wacky schedule and the days he has off he likes to sleep in. This is perfect, because I can be woken up to do whatever it is I planned, without waking him up too. Who would’ve thought such a simple feature could be so awesome? 

Lastly, the battery holds a great charge. I wear mine until it basically completely dies before fully charging it again. I haven’t paid much attention to the details, but I’m positive I’ve never had to charge it more than once every week/week and a half. This is with me ALWAYS using it too, so if you wouldn’t be using it as much, your charge will hold much longer.

If I had to give the Fitbit Charge 2 a rating I would give it five out of five stars, 100 percent, A+, whatever rating system you use, it’s the highest one. I particularly believe this specific Fitbit is perfect for people who are looking to achieve particular athletic and fitness goals. Do you own a Fitbit? If so, which one do you have, and would you recommend it to anyone else? If not, have you considered getting one? Why or why not? 

(For those of you who own a Fitbit I highly recommend downloading the FitStar by Fitbit app for awesome personal workouts. It’s like having a virtual personal trainer in your phone.)


Brie <3


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2 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge 2 (Review)

  1. I just got the Charger 2 and I didn’t get the dongle with it. Do you need the dongle?

    1. I’m not sure what the “dongle” is? Do you mean the wall plug? I remember looking for that when I opened mine on Christmas day.

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