DIY Easter Basket 

Happy April Fool Day to all of you pranksters out there! Try not to ruin lives with your pranks, today ;-).

Since it is April 1st, this means Easter is this upcoming, Sunday. This will be Jordyn’s first Easter. Years before I found out I was pregnant, I told myself I would make my future children’s Easter baskets myself. I love doing little DIY (do it yourself) crafts when it comes to the holidays, and I think personalized Easter baskets are the best since you can mold the theme to characteristics and personality.

The theme for Jordyn’s Easter basket this year is pretty simple: Baby. She’s at the baby stage of learning to feed herself snacks, pick things up, hold things, and like the various textures of things. So I went to a few different stores to buy items she needs, likes, and can use in the future.


The basket contains: A bunny Bible, a set of egg-shaped outside chalk, a stuffed animal (bunny), large plastic Easter eggs, snacks to put in the Easter eggs, and a snack cup for her treats.

I first filled the plastic Easter eggs with the little Gerber’s Graduate snacks. Jordyn loves the Strawberry Apple ones!


Then I placed the green and pink plastic grass in the bottom of the basket since it matched the basket colors.


Now, put the basket stuffers in the Easter basket so it fits well, but looks full as well. I played around with a few ways to place the items in the basket before I finally picked my favorite design.


And this is the finished product! Although Jordyn doesn’t have much of an opinion this time around, I know she’ll enjoy the items over the next year, and will enjoy her baskets even more as she grows up. Yay for her first Easter basket! Have a happy Wednesday. 🙂

Brie <3


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