DIY Easter Basket

Easter 2017 is exactly three days away and I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. My little one, Jordyn, will be three years old this June. Ever since she was born I have found a new hobby in do-it-yourself projects for toddlers. 

Growing up, I always looked forward to waking up to my Easter basket, before church on, Easter morning. We especially loved getting home after church to eat all of the candy in our baskets ;-). These days they make it so easy to create your own Easter baskets specifically to your child’s liking. Last year I came up with a cute little acronym for the word E.A.S.T.E.R. in helping other parents figure out what to put in their little one’s Easter basket. I will share the details for E.A.S.T.E.R. below.

E – Edible 

The word “edible” is self explanatory. What candy and snacks are your child’s favorite? Those are the items you want to put in their basket. You also want to be sure these items fit in the plastic eggs for your Easter basket decor.

A – Accessory

Is there an accessory you love seeing on your child? Or even an accessory they love themselves? For example, Jordyn looks adorable in sunglasses and hats. I was sure to buy at least one of these items for her basket.

S – Silly 

What fun is an Easter basket without some silly items for some fun? Whatever makes you and your little one laugh until you can’t laugh anymore is a great place to start for the silly item!

T- Thankful 

There is no Easter with Jesus Christ himself, right? He paid the ultimate price for our lives. What is there not to be thankful for on Easter Sunday? With that being said, this is the item you put in the basket to remind your little one of the real reason for the holiday. This is up to you as a parent and how you want to share the meaning with them.

E – Educational 

You can always find a way to make something fun a learning experience at the same time. This works for all children aged Easter baskets. My go to suggestion is usually flashcards. Whatever your child is currently learning or struggling to learn, why not use this basket as an opportunity to help them advance their learning.

R – Random 

Only you know what your child loves. Maybe there was an item or two you found while shopping that didn’t fit into any of the other categories. Well. this is why we have a random option! Go ahead and buy those few items you know your child will enjoy. Easter only happens once a year, right?

For Jordyn’s Easter basket I bought items to go along with the theme of Easter, but also items she can use on our family vacation to California, two days after Easter. Talk about perfect timing, huh? These are the items I bought for her according to the acronym.

The Snickers is her “edible’ item. The sunglasses and water bottle are her “accessories” because if you know Jordyn you know she always has on sunglasses and holding a water bottle. Her “silly” items are cute bunny ears and a bubble wand. Her “thankful” item is a book called “The Story of Easter”. Her “educational” items are 0-100 flashcard numbers and a coloring book for motor skills. Lastly, her “random” items are two of her favorite movies (Minions and Hotel Transylvania 2), as well as, a cute little stuffed animal bunny rabbit. I made sure to buy the blu-ray + digital copy version of the movies so we can download them on the ipad for our plane ride next week.

I’m so happy with finished Jordyn’s Easter basket and can’t wait for her to receive it on Sunday. She’s going to be so excited! I recommend buying the paper grass to sit the items high enough in the basket for your child to see, and for picture purposes. Where did you buy your child’s Easter basket this year? Or did you make their Easter basket yourself? Share the pictures of the Easter baskets with us below!

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