Congratulations, Wilcox Family!

I’m sure most of you remember me posting a status on Christmas Day asking you all to pray for our friends, Lacey and Brandon, as their youngest daughter battled a strand of bacterial meningitis in the hospital.(If you are unfamiliar with what meningitis is click here to learn more) As most of you know their baby girl, Alaiya, didn’t make it. She passed away on December 26th, 2015. I don’t share any of this to make you all sad, because Alaiya was so full of joy, her smile could light up any room, and she has two of the most caring parents anyone could ask for. I share all of this to explain why Lacey telling me a few weeks ago she is pregnant with their third baby brought me so much joy. Yes, there will be a 3rd Wilcox baby girl, Averie Laine, due on October 18th! Yayyyy!

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The news of Lacey’s pregnancy made me so happy, because she and her family have endured so much loss, and heartache the last few months. (Lacey’s mother and her daughter died within a week of each other in December) The question “why do bad things happen to good people” couldn’t be more relevant when talking about the Wilcox family. But there is such an explainable joy brought into our lives with the announcement and birth of a baby. I honestly believe there is no hurt the birth of a child can’t match in joy. It doesn’t take away the hurt but it balances it out by adding much needed joy. I believe, God and Alaiya, showed up right on time to remind them joy comes in the morning.


I asked Lacey last night if it was okay for me to share her baby news, and write a blog post about their family, because it’s something I wanted to share with people all over who take the time to read my blog. The faith and strength Lacey and her family have shown throughout the last few months is nothing short of admirable and heartbreaking. I first met Lacey in college through my husband, what now seems like eons and just a few weeks ago, (that’s the first sign of getting older, right? LOL) and from then she was always a sweet heart. It has been since about 2009 I have really considered her to be one of MY friends though. She’s the type of friend who although she lives hours (and a whole different state away) makes sure she comes to any birthday parties, baby showers, weddings etc. no matter how far she has to drive. She’s the type of friend all of us should be so blessed to have in our lifetime. Which in turn makes it even harder to see your friends go through such trying times, and know you would do anything to bring them joy again. It’s genuinely hard to see great people go through bad things. Especially when we see so much turmoil, so many bad things and people in the world, because we always naturally wonder “why them?” It’s even harder to live so far away from your friends when they’re hurting because all you want to do is wrap them up in the biggest hug and cry for hours. Being present doesn’t make anything happening to them easier, but sometimes crying with a friend makes everything seem better than it is for those few minutes.


We are planning a trip back home to Illinois in October for a wedding and had already planned to stop in Indiana for a few days to see the Wilcoxs, before heading to Washington D.C. for a postponed vacation. I was already excited to see the Wilcoxs in October, but I’m even more excited knowing I’ll get to meet and hold little baby, Averie, in my arms! I write all of this because I hope they know how much we love them and how happy we are to see them happy. I think Alaiya has already been sending Averie tips on how to make parents crazy considering how Averie has been treating you this pregnancy, Lace. Ha! I’m gonna stop typing and go text you now haha. I love you, girl! And of course Brandon, Alanna, Alaiya, and Averie. <3


P.S.- funny story about the day of my baby shower and this picture: Alanna was not a fan of me holding Alaiya and basically said “put her down” in baby terms. LMAO. Also, Alaiya, was clearly just as confused as to why I was holding her and both of her parents are standing nearby hahaha.

Brie <3


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  1. Congrats! Im so happy for you. May our Lord bless you and your family always! Love you.

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