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Post Valentine’s Day Workout

Today is workout Wednesday, and yesterday was Valentine’s Day. If you are anything like me, you took full advantage of Valentine’s Day to eat delicious, terrible for your health, food(s). As if Valentine’s Day isn’t enough of a reason to eat these yummy foods, yesterday was Tuesday which means, it was also Taco Tuesday! YES. Absolute perfection. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town for dinner last night where I ate my entire TWO chimichanga entr√©e all by myself. #iAintSorry. However, my body is definitely sorry, because today’s workout will not feel too good. I’m sure of this LOL. Read more

Fitness Consistency in Chaos

If there is one thing I have learned since starting this post baby weight loss journey, consistency is the key all of it, both eating and working out. But, what do you do when your daily schedule varies day-to-day and can even be a bit chaotic? Read more

Weekly Workout Schedule

Happy Motivation Monday,¬†everybody! I’ve been working out consistently enough the last few months and because of this I have finally perfected my daily workout schedule. I have attempted multiple workout schedules and none of them ever really seem to fit me exactly. Instead, I decided to take the workouts from the multiple workout plans that […]

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My Go To Clean Eating & Workout Resources

It has almost been a year since I have seriously started working on living a healthier lifestyle. I am by no means anywhere NEAR my health and fitness goals, but I am A LOT closer than I have been in years. I have tried the “healthy” lifestyle on multiple occasions prior to last year, but […]

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