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30 Gifts for 30 Years

30 Gifts For 30 Years

September 27th, 1988 is the day and year a star was born. OK, now that I got that out of the way I can be serious now hahaha. Today is my 30th birthday and I couldn’t be more grateful or full of love. I’m grateful to have made it to see the age of 30. […]

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Honey Lemon Green Beans

Honey Lemon Green Beans

Riley loves fruits and vegetables. If you’re wondering “who is Riley?” the answer to your question is, my unborn very picky child. I am currently eight months pregnant and have plenty of vegetable cravings. Especially this delicious honey lemon green beans recipe I created on Valentine’s Day. I made a surf n’ turf type Valentine’s […]

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Mexican Quinoa

(Meal Prep): Mexican Quinoa

Print Mexican Quinoa For those of you searching for delicious clean eating recipes this Mexican Quinoa is the recipe for you! I’ve been meal prepping consistently for about a year and a half. Over time I have learned how to create my own clean eating meal prep recipes for taste and variety. This recipe was inspired […]

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Post Valentine’s Day Workout

Today is workout Wednesday, and yesterday was Valentine’s Day. If you are anything like me, you took full advantage of Valentine’s Day to eat delicious, terrible for your health, food(s). As if Valentine’s Day isn’t enough of a reason to eat these yummy foods, yesterday was Tuesday which means, it was also Taco Tuesday! YES. Absolute perfection. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town for dinner last night where I ate my entire TWO chimichanga entrée all by myself. #iAintSorry. However, my body is definitely sorry, because today’s workout will not feel too good. I’m sure of this LOL. Read more

Natural Hair Goals

I have been natural a.k.a free of perms/relaxers since August 2007. If I’m going to be truthful, it had nothing to do with taking care of my hair, and everything to do with going away to college, and not being able to have them done regularly. The first few months without a relaxer was a rough transition, but as with everything else, I adjusted and it became the norm. Although my hair started to grow a lot faster and thicker than it ever had before, I was using curling irons and flat irons on my hair at least three times a week. I now know how terrible this was for my hair even when it was looking healthier.  Read more

Fitbit Charge 2 (Review)

It’s been exactly a full month since I’ve had my Fitbit Charge 2 and I must say: I LOVE IT. I mean, I really and truly, love this little thing. It’s crazy how much of an impact such a little device can have on your every day life.  Read more

Self Care Sundays


Self care Sunday is one of the major parts of me taking better care of myself this year. Self care Sundays concentrates mostly on my physical outward appearance, but this ultimately connects to my mental and spiritual health as well. As they say, “when you look good you feel good”, and Read more

Fitness Consistency in Chaos

If there is one thing I have learned since starting this post baby weight loss journey, consistency is the key all of it, both eating and working out. But, what do you do when your daily schedule varies day-to-day and can even be a bit chaotic? Read more

5 Pre/Post Workout Stretches

Happy workout Wednesday, everybody! I have been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, especially lifting, and have had some pretty sore days because of it. However, as most of us already know, stretching is not only amazing, it helps prevent injury while working out. I have perfected and found my 5 favorite pre/post workout stretches […]

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Black Bean & Turkey Veggie Soup

If you follow my Instagram account you probably know I have been into meal prepping and clean eating for a few months now. My go to meals have always been chicken thighs or salmon with veggies and quinoa. One day I was craving a black bean soup of some sort and decided to throw some […]

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