California Family Trip 2018

Jordyn and I traveled to California last week. My husband was in California for a month and a half for work. Jordyn and I met him there towards the end of his work commitment. We flew there and road tripped back with him to Montana. Going to California is always a good time because we get to see so many of our loved ones when we’re there. My father in law even flew into town from Florida for a few days so we could spend some much-needed time with him. Although Jordyn and I ended up catching colds the last week of the trip, we had an amazing time, and can’t wait to see everyone again.

We attended the farmer’s market in S.L.O. the day after we arrived with our friends, the Millers again, and I finally found my elote I had been craving the week prior. (These pregnancy cravings a very aggressive and random this time around). The Millers are the parents of Jordyn’s BFF, Norah, and the girls always enjoy spending time together. They were able to eat delicious foods (pizza, ice cream, and popcorn) and even received roses from Norah’s dad at the end of the evening. It’s safe to say everyone had a great time.

Jordyn and I joined Krissy and Norah for a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The girls had SO much fun and even got to feed the giraffes while we were there. Jordyn thought Michael, the giraffe, was the coolest and didn’t want to stop feeding him. They were able to exercise their little legs plenty by walking through the zoo while eating their homemade lunchables and goodies. (Thanks again for the idea, Krissy!) I think my favorite part of the zoo was watching the girls laugh at the macaw as he sqwaked. They were belly laughing and cracking themselves up. It was absolutely adorable and hilarious. After the zoo we ate a late lunch at a restaurant named, Kyle’s Kitchen. Not only was the food delicious, but the restaurant donates monthly proceeds to charities and organizations serving individuals with special needs. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Since we were surrounded by so many beautiful beach areas, I decided a few weeks prior to our trip that I would take my maternity photos while in California. Krissy is also my family photographer whenever we’re together so it only made sense. She took some of the most beautiful maternity photos of my family and I at the Pismo Beach Pier. I still can’t get over how beautiful they turned out. I will definitely be printing a few of these on canvas for our home.

For some reason, both days we tried taking my father in law to Pismo Beach to show him around, it was ridiculously foggy. I mean, so foggy it was impossible to see the pier and water when close by. However, we were still able to walk around and enjoy some fresh air and check out the little shops along the way. The first evening we tried we settled on heading back to the Santa Maria area to play some mini golf and have dinner together. The second evening we decided to have dinner at The Cracked Crab before saying our goodbyes. Although, we knew we would see each other again in a few days in Vegas.

Our first stop from California was Vegas a few days later. We were able to meet up with my best friend and Jordyn’s Godfather, Jesiah, as well as, my father in law again while in Vegas. The night we arrived we ate at an Italian restaurant across the street from our hotel called, The Bootlegger, and it was DELICIOUS! If you’re ever looking for a great restaurant not directly on the strip in Vegas, we highly recommend this one. The following morning we met up with all of our loved ones for a final brunch before taking off for our next stop in Salt Lake City.

While driving from Salt Lake City back home to Montana the following day we encountered some crazy and scary weather. We were driving through a white out type blizzard in the mountains for about 20 minutes at one point. My husband had to turn his headlights off because they were actually making the situation worse. It’s times like those I’m reminded that my husband is Superman, because while I panicked, he kept his cool and got us through without breaking a sweat.

Whenever we go on vacation or do any traveling of any sort, I’m so thankful to have a child whose a great traveler, and enjoys traveling. Jordyn has traveled every form of transportation you can think of and does well on all of them. Her favorite by far is the plane. I pray her little sister is as easy and fun of a traveler as her big sister because the Jamiesons don’t plan on slowing down travel anytime soon! Well, at least until Riley is a few months old and Mama is healed from her c-section ;-).

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