5 Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is seriously right around the corner. If you’re a last-minute planner like *cough* my husband *cough* then you’re probably trying to figure out what to do. Everyone complains about how expensive Valentine’s Day can be so here are a few ideas that go easy on your pockets. 

Build A Fort:

Remember when we used to build awesome blanket and couch cushion forts when we were little? Why did we ever stop doing this awesome activity? Why not set up an advanced, adult version, blanket fort in the living room again? Using the blankets/sheets you already have around the house, build a fort! You can use a string or two of Christmas lights and/or plastic candles to add soft lighting to the fort. Eat dinner, and watch your favorite Netflix show/movie in the fort. You can even play card games for more fun. Whatever you decide to do just make it fun and remember it’s the simple things that make us happy!  (If you love real candles like I do then you can always light a candle in the house far away from the flammable blankets so it smells good.)

Scavenger Hunt:

This sounds worst than it actually will cost. You don’t need any elaborate place or items to use for a scavenger hunt. I did one for my husband a while back right here in our home, and I just used index cards and one gift for the entire hunt. Instead of finding “items” you can make it that the index cards are like relationship coupons. One example from the scavenger hunt I did was: “Use this coupon from one night of uninterrupted video games.” Then end the game with the person finding an actual gift. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Just be sure it’s something unique to them that they will love. 

Sight See/Star Gaze:

Order carry out from your favorite local restaurant, hop in the car, drive to your favorite outdoor sight-seeing location, park, put on some smooth jazz or 90’s r&b, and eat your food while enjoying each other’s company. If you own an SUV, take it a step further, lay the seats down in the back, and set up your dinner with some plastic candles for ambiance. You can pop the hatch to get a closer look at whatever you scenery may be! (ex: beach, city lights/skyline, mountains, stars etc.)

Movie Night:

This seems like a no-brainer but this is a little more fun version of movie night. Buy some popcorn, your usual movie theater snacks, the ingredients for nachos, have your (alcohol) beverage of choice, and watch your favorite movie(s) together on the couch like you’re in an actual movie theater. It’s your own movie theater so you make the rules! 🙂

Dinner Adventure:

Instead of going to your usual favorite restaurant (most of our favorites tends be pricey) go on an adventure to eat at a little local joint you’ve never tried before. Food trucks and street carts are even ideal. Truthfully, you tend to find cheaper prices and better tasting food. From there go somewhere else you’ve always wanted to go but never did. Maybe stroll down a random street and do some window shopping. Find out if your community has any free events taking place you would normally never go to. Whatever you do be sure it’s outside of the box!

Do you have Valentine’s Day ideas to share or plans you’re looking forward to? Remember, you can do 4 out of 5 of these ideas without someone else. There’s nothing wrong with taking yourself on an adventure or bringing another single friend along. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you enjoy yourself, and have a good time! 


Brie <3


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