5 Fall Recipes

Happy tasty Tuesday everybody! It’s that time of year when we get to eat tons of delicious comfort food without all of the guilt. Some of my favorite fall comfort foods are hot, yummy, soups. Everybody loves a good soup and I’ve posted quite a few soup recipes on here. The last few days have been cool and rainy here in Montana, which has had me daydreaming about delicious soups for dinner. I’ve made a few of them and have been reminded of how happy comfort food makes me. Yes, food makes me happy, and I’m not ashamed to admit it either.

I decided to re-share a few of my favorite fall weather recipes I’ve posted on the blog over the last two years. I even threw in a healthy option for those of you who like to be overachievers, and eat healthy year round. *insert eye roll here* LOL just kidding, sort of, but one day I will grow up to be like you overachievers. Here are a few yummy, Jamieson Diaries, original recipes for you all to try this season.

Chili Mac & Cheese:

Chili Mac.jpg

This is my quick and easy go to recipe when I need to cook up something fast and delicious. This is a hit for everybody, especially kids, because my little one loves it.

Black Bean & Turkey Veggie Soup:


This is the healthy recipe I was talking about. I actually use this recipe for my meal prep rotation some weeks. It takes a bit more to cut up and prep the veggies, but once that’s done it’s smooth and delicious sailing from there.

Potato Corn & Bacon Chowder:


This is my second favorite go to quick and easy go to recipe. This meal takes about 30 minutes tops to make and the only preparation consists of peeling and cubing your potatoes, as well as, dicing your onion. Also, there’s bacon in this dish…need I say more? Exactly.

Crock PotĀ Beef Stew:

crockpot beef stew

I loooove beef stew. It’s honestly one of the staple soups of the season if you ask me. This dish takes a little more preparation than the others even though it’s a crock pot meal. You have to brown your beef before putting it in the pot, but I promise the extra work is SO worth it. It makes for delicious leftovers too.

Ground Turkey Stroganoff:

Ground Turkey Stroganoff

Who doesn’t love a good stroganoff recipe? I created this recipe a little while back on a trial and error basis. I substitute ground turkey for ground beef in 95% of my recipes. This one was no different and it was a wonderful decision. My husband loves stroganoff so this recipe always automatically puts a smile on his face when he sees I’m making it for dinner.

What are some of your favorite comfort fall foods to eat during this time of year? Let me know in the comments section below. I’m always looking for new recipes to cook.

I hope you all had a great Tuesday and an even better rest of your week!

Brie <3


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