3 D.I.Y. Father’s Day Ideas for Kids

Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, June 18th, and most of us have procrastinated on buying a gift. For those of us who have little children we can still get away with the cute, handmade gifts, for Dad. My husband loves getting handmade gifts from our daughter, who actually turns three years old on, Father’s Day this year. While out shopping for the materials to make my husband’s Father’s Day gift I decided to come up with a list of,  3 D.I.Y. Father’s Day Ideas for Kids, to help out those of you struggling for ideas. Not only are the options easy, but they are cheap, and there is no wrong way to do them. 

I bought all of these items from Michaels. For those of you, who like coupons like myself, I highly recommend downloading the Michaels app for awesome coupons and deals. 

Father's Day Ideas

1) Painted Ceramic Mug: 

This is a great go to option for creative gifts. Especially for Dads who love coffee and/or tea like my husband does. They even make these cute painted ceramic mug kits with all of the necessary tools for less than $5 each. This allows your little ones to not only have fun painting the mug, but they’ll get to see their artwork being used every time Dad drinks his coffee in the morning. Pretty awesome, right?

2) Canvas Painting:

This adorable idea allows Dad to display this masterpiece wherever he would like. Canvases come in many different sizes. Which allows you, as the parent, to decide how much mess you would like to clean up afterwards. Ha! You can find most canvases on sale at your local art store, and the paint, and paint brushes are also cheap. Canvas paintings also dry quickly when you use acrylic paint.

Father's Day Idea

3) Handmade Father’s Day Card

This is the most classic and popular option of the list. We’ve been making handmade cards for special holidays since we were in Preschool. Honestly, they’ve been around so long because they never get old and are so adorable. You can use construction paper, markers, stickers, etc. Whatever is used it’s one of the easiest and most creative Father’s Day gift ideas. If you would like to take this craft idea to the next level, buy a gift card to Dad’s favorite store, and tape it inside the card. He will already love the card but a gift card is the cherry on top of the whipped cream. 

What are some of your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas? If you haven’t procrastinated like the rest of us, what gift did you buy for your Dad, and why? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Father's Day Ideas

Brie <3


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