Wisdom Wednesday: Phylicia Rashad

Every 1st Wednesday of the month I will pick a person to write about that has inspired me in some way, shape, or form. These posts will be a mix of famous people, and people I know personally, who make me want to be a better person. It’s almost like the “#WCW” (woman crush Wednesday) only not all of them are women lol. This will be one of my favorite parts of the blog, because hopefully it sheds a little light on some amazing people you may not have known existed, as well as how and why they have impacted me to be who I am. This month I have chosen- Phylicia Rashad.

Most people know Phylicia Rashad from her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show. What always amazes me about Ms. Rashad is how much she truly is Clair Huxtable in real life. I don’t necessarily mean her life story is the same as the story she portrayed on television, but the same elegance, intelligence, beauty, and class she demonstrated on the show, is the same person in real life. There is almost a gift about simply listening to her speak. From her being the first African-American actress to win a TONY Award, to her heavy impact as THEE Mother in the Black community, it is hard not to be inspired by who she is to all of us. On top of her already amazing resume, she is fluent in Spanish (on my bucket list) due to living in Mexico for a few years, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Howard University in the 70’s. She also has received 5+ honorary degrees from colleges all over the country, including Harvard University, for her continuous charity work. Many of them focusing on building up and helping women. With all of the negative images we see surrounding us daily about celebrities, I try to always remember those who are bringing joy to this world. And setting great examples for future generations. If you did not know much about Ms. Rashad before, I hope this encourages you to learn more about her, and why she is such an inspirational woman to me. Thank you Ms. Rashad for teaching me at a young age, three of the greatest qualities a woman can possess are class, intelligence, and elegance.

Phylicia Rashad (older)

Below is one of my favorite Clair Huxtable scenes from The Cosby Show. Jordyn better not even try and pull it! Lol.


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