"War"- Nas feat. Raye

Yesterday, Donald, signed an executive order banning Muslims from specific countries from entering the United States of America. In case anyone is wondering, yesterday was, Holocaust Memorial Day too. I’m beyond livid. I’m livid at how many abundantly ignorant prejudice, and racist, people there are in this country. I’m livid that 60 million people allowed and supported this happening. Donald has been making these promises his entire campaign trail and it still never stopped people from putting him in the highest office of this country. 

With everything taking place in this country, it’s looking like we’re on the verge of a revolution. So many people trying using this excuse the divide in this country is President Obama’s fault, or the divide is a racial divide, of some sort. We hate to break it to all of you, but this divide has BEEN here since the beginning of time, and won’t be going anywhere until we rid ourselves of the people who have a problem with melanin, different religions, and people who speak different languages. It’ll be there until many of you wake up and realize you’ve been practicing and passing down prejudice racist behavior and morals for generations. 

The song I’m sharing is on “The Birth of a Nation” soundtrack. It is more than fitting for what is happening right now. We saw this coming months ago and here we are. My favorite part of the song is:

We screaming for justice, they sending tanks, the man in me
Demand we protect the family, anarchy
Ku-Klux-Klan and him demanding he damage me
So my fantasy is every single one of us
Come against the evil divide of people, it’s common sense
The fury, I hope the whole world hear me
No justice, so I became a revolutionary
No matter if you’re red, white, black
If you want freedom then we’re all like Nat

I’m over so many things and I’m trying to sort my emotions out. Once I get them sorted out, please know, there will be changes and I will be part of the mobilization of changing this country for the better. It should also be added those of us who are going to change this country do NOT need or want your “permission” to do so. I’ve noticed too many people thinking their imaginary hurt feelings somehow is more important than the basic human rights and equal treatment of our brothers and sisters. Nah. 

I’m going to take a break from the internet for rest of the evening because it’s literally draining me emotionally. For those of you directly protesting and fighting to help our Muslim brothers and sisters: THANK YOU! I wish I was in any of your locations to lend an extra body and voice. Please know, I am doing what I can, from where I am, to help educate and round-up more allies. To my Muslim brothers and sisters: please know how much I love you and know I will fight for/with you and your families until you are treated equally.  

I would say “goodnight”, but there isn’t too much good happening in this country right now. So for now: night.

Brie <3


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