The 1st Non-Teller Tuesday

It’s over. It’s actually been over for an entire week as of today. I’m still sad and I’m still not over it. It’s not fair that we spent so much time together, and then BAM! Just like that it’s gone. How are your fans supposed to pretend Teller Tuesday will ever be the same WITHOUT the “Teller” part? For those of you who are confused, I am talking  about the show Sons of Anarchy.

Hahaha I know…I’m crazy. But seriously, what the hell, Kurt Sutter. This is the first official Tuesday since the series finale of, Sons of Anarchy, and I’m not impressed. What are we supposed to watch on Tuesday evenings, now? How am I supposed to stare at Jax in his always super white Air Force Ones, and layers of what looks like uncomfortably HOT black leather jackets and vests? Who am I supposed to take my anger issues out on now that Clay AND Gemma are dead? How am I supposed to see Chibbs’ pot belly and hear his infamous “Jackie Boy” now that the show is over?  How am I going to see random violence and guest stars all while adding twisted humor in the process? And how am I going to discover amazing songs like “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran, if you’re not around to play them for me during increasingly dramatic scenes of Jax’s fuzzy butt and tattoos?

Well, I guess I could just re-watch the series on Netflix, and see all of this. But…you know what I mean. Either way, I miss you dearly, Sons of Anarchy. I’ll pour some ice-cold water on my frozen grass in the backyard for all of the homies we lost over 7 seasons.

Until we meet again on, Netflix.

P.S.- here go some pictures of Charlie Hunnam a.k.a Jax Teller because…SEXY. Duh.





Brie <3


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1 thought on “The 1st Non-Teller Tuesday

  1. 😭😭😭😭 I’m STILL not over losing SOA!!! There will NEVER be a show to replace it. I truly feel as though I’ve lost a best friend! It’s as though all those characters truly died! This is some crap! Kurt Sutter should be responsible for a lot of people’s therapy sessions! Don’t get me wrong, Sutter is a genius for putting such an amazing show/cast together, BUT WE WERE ROBBED!!! How dare he leave us without Jax?!?! It’s unfair I tell ya’!!!

    I just want them back!!!! I want to cry all over again! That final ride hurt me to the core of my being! I want my SOA!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!! 😢😢
    I don’t think that’s asking for too much! Sutter better get busy and start on another show….like yesterday!!

    I’ll always love my Jax and the SAMCRO crew! 😭😭

    Thank you for those pics of that sexy Mr. Teller 😍😉

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