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Spring Flower Decor

Spring Flower Decor

Spring may have officially began two months ago, but it has only felt like Spring the last two weeks. Living in Montana means our warmer seasons, Spring and Summer, start weeks after everyone else. When I first moved here it took a while to adjust to the crazy weather. After living here for over five years, I have started a seasonal routine, to get myself ready for the new season. One of my favorite ways to prepare for new seasons is to do a seasonally themed D.I.Y. project. This year I decided to do Spring Flower Decor centerpiece D.I.Y.s for a pop of color in my home. Read more

Special Olympics Montana: Spring Games 2017

The Special Olympics Montana Spring Games 2017 took place this past week on the University of Montana campus, in Missoula, MT. This is the first year I was able to go to the event with my team. Even though I have been coaching track and field for a few years I always had a scheduling conflict. This was also my first year coaching the adults (Purple Hornets) track and field team. We had such a great but exhausting time because we went non-stop for four days. Jordyn accompanied me for this trip too which quadrupled my level of tired. Ha! We took a charter bus to Missoula, MT for the games. It was Jordyn’s first time on a bus trip and she loved it. Between seeing the animals outside and movies playing on the bus, she loved every second.

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DIY Flower Hand Print

This past week, it has felt like Spring, here in Montana. The beautiful weather, the leaves growing on the trees, smells of BBQ around the neighborhood, etc. It has completely gotten me in the Spring mood which means it’s time for Spring decor in and around the house. I decided I wanted to add more of my little one’s artwork for decor around the house so we made a Spring craft last night.  Read more

Spring TV Shows

Happy March everyone! Although it is only the third day of March (happy birthday to my cousin, Ashley!) there are so many television shows airing or returning as early as this Sunday. I have been waiting for the Spring season premieres for quite a few of these shows so I am pretty excited! Some of these shows I haven’t watched because they are new or I have recently gotten into. Read more

“So Beautiful”

Happy Wednesday, everybody! We’re slowly approaching the first official day of Spring, but here in Montana, we’ve been lucky enough to have Spring like temperatures for the last month or more. It’s been strange to not be freezing while walking outside, but I’m not complaining at all. The Spring season always gets me in the […]

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5 Ways To Bring “Spring” To Your Home

 Happy Tuesday everyone! As of yesterday, it is officially Spring time, and I wanted to bring some spring spirit to all of you. Here in Montana we’ve definitely been appreciating the Spring like temperatures after a long Winter of non-stop snow. Even though it’s supposed to snow again next week, it doesn’t seem so bad when you know the end of Winter of near. Spring forward always helps my mood too because it’s nice to still see the sun setting after 7pm. Read more