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Eden BodyWorks Kids

Eden Bodyworks Kids Review

Natural hair has become so popular these days and it makes my heart so happy! I discovered Eden Bodyworks hair care products about a year ago and have been in love ever since. You can only imagine my excitement when I realized there was an Eden Bodyworks Kids line. I immediately knew I would have […]

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Go See "Get Out" ASAP!

I took myself on a day date to see the highly praised movie, Get Out, yesterday afternoon. It was everything I needed it to be and more. There is no better way to sum the movie up than to say, Jordan Peele, is a social genius.  Read more

Fitbit Charge 2 (Review)

It’s been exactly a full month since I’ve had my Fitbit Charge 2 and I must say: I LOVE IT. I mean, I really and truly, love this little thing. It’s crazy how much of an impact such a little device can have on your every day life.  Read more

Power: Season 2 Recap

*Spoiler Alert: if you are not up to date on season 2 of Power don’t read this post*  If you are like myself, and millions of other loyal viewers, you are anxiously and nervously waiting for tomorrow night’s season finale of the Starz television series, Power. Considering episode nine completely went insane, and for lack of […]

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