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"Say It Loud: I'm Black & I'm Proud"

Today is, February 28th, which means it’s the last official day of Black History Month. Although Black history should be celebrated every day, I always love dedicating an entire month specifically to, Black excellence. We are truly magical people, and I always look forward to learning about my history, as well as, educating others on Black history.  Read more

"Strange Fruit" – Nina Simone

There isn’t much to say except, it’s February a.k.a Black History Month, and Nina Simone is always the answer. You can feel the chilling anger and hurt in her voice as she sings her own rendition of “Strange Fruit”. She had a voice that was unmatched. Read more

"War"- Nas feat. Raye

Yesterday, Donald, signed an executive order banning Muslims from specific countries from entering the United States of America. In case anyone is wondering, yesterday was, Holocaust Memorial Day too. I’m beyond livid. I’m livid at how many abundantly ignorant prejudice, and racist, people there are in this country. I’m livid that 60 million people allowed and supported this happening. Donald has been making these promises his entire campaign trail and it still never stopped people from putting him in the highest office of this country.  Read more


Tomorrow, January 15th, is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. He would’ve been 88 years old. Isn’t it crazy to think Dr. King could still be alive had his life not be STOLEN from us so soon? A few years ago the movie Selma was released. This song “Glory” was the official released track on […]

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Mr. Sandman

Today is Monday, October 24th, which means we’re exactly a week away from Halloween. With all of the Halloween festivities and parties going on throughout this week and upcoming weekend I can’t help but to get excited for some Halloween movie themed movie nights.  Read more

Maxwell: 1990x

Happy Soulful Sunday folks! This summer Maxwell released his much anticipated blackSUMMERS’night album. Y’all know I absolute LOVE me some, Maxwell, right? This man has women ranging from ages 20-65 fangirl-ing over his music and smooth demeanor. Read more

“In A Sentimental Mood”


Happy Music Monday! This is one of my all time favorite instrumentals. I mean, how can you ever go wrong with the collaboration genius of, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane? There is something about the arrangement of this song that screams “cozy fall weather”in my mind. It’s probably because Read more

R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson

Today, I’m actually speechless. I’ve known since I found out this morning about Prince’s passing I was going to write a blog post, but about what? Who in the world doesn’t know how important he was to the music industry? Who doesn’t already know how he single handedly transformed music as we know it. Who […]

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R.I.P. Doug Banks

It’s interesting how as we get older, and major life changes such as death occur, we’re reminded how influential many people have been in our lives. Some of these people we’ve never even met before, but we can remember certain points in our lives when their presence, however they presented themselves, changed our emotions and […]

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Happy Birthday, Billie!

Today, Billie Holiday a.k.a. Lady Day, would have been 101 years old. I have always liked Jazz music, but my love for Jazz music really bloomed about 5 years ago. Naturally, Billie became one of my favorite jazz singers, ever. There is something about her music where you can feel the passion and/or pain in […]

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