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Jamieson Family Vacation 2016

Last month we went on a jam-packed family vacation to Illinois, Tennessee, Washington D.C./Virginia, and a brief stop in Indiana. It was three weeks filled of some much needed fun and love. We spent every single dime we saved plus some, by the time we got back home, so it’s safe to say we had […]

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See You Later, Grandma Toni!

Kris, Jordyn and I were lucky enough to have my Mother-in-law a.k.a. Grandma Toni, here in Montana with us for about a month and a half. We really enjoyed having her here and we are so sad she had to leave us. Jordyn especially loved having her Grandma Toni here to follow EVERYWHERE like she […]

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Jamieson Summer Photos 2015

When we went back home this summer for our daughter’s first birthday, I knew I needed to get some memorable pictures. So far all of our beautiful professional family pictures have been taken in Montana, but I wanted to have some done in Illinois since it’s where my husband and I are from. Well, I […]

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5 Ways To Bring “Spring” To Your Home

¬†Happy Tuesday everyone! As of yesterday, it is officially Spring time, and I wanted to bring some spring spirit to all of you. Here in Montana we’ve definitely been appreciating the Spring like temperatures after a long Winter of non-stop snow. Even though it’s supposed to snow again next week, it doesn’t seem so bad when you know the end of Winter of near. Spring forward always helps my mood too because it’s nice to still see the sun setting after 7pm. Read more