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January 20th, 2017: Good News!

If you’re feeling like most of us are feeling, today, we could all use some good news. I believe this entire week was a slow torturous countdown to this day. The band-aid was finally ripped off and here we are trying to see how long it’ll take this wound to heal…if it heals at all.  […]

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Fall TV Premiere Dates:


If you’re a fall TV show junkie like myself then you’ve been waiting for these return dates since the shows ended months ago. Thankfully, shows will start making their return as soon as this upcoming, Monday! Read more

We NEEDED Black-ish.

I’m sure, by now, you’ve all heard all about the buzz surrounding last night’s episode of the show, “Black-ish“, concerning police brutality towards Blacks/minorities. I’ve watched the episode three times already, and I cry each time I get to Dre’s speech explaining the sense of fear we felt on President Obama’s inauguration day, when he […]

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