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30 Gifts for 30 Years

30 Gifts For 30 Years

September 27th, 1988 is the day and year a star was born. OK, now that I got that out of the way I can be serious now hahaha. Today is my 30th birthday and I couldn’t be more grateful or full of love. I’m grateful to have made it to see the age of 30. […]

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Happy Fall 2016!

It’s officially the greatest season of the year! Break out the apple/pumpkin picking, crisp air, hoodies, hot chocolate, pumpkin flavored everything, beautiful colored trees, etc. I could go on and on for hours telling you everything wonderful about this perfect season. Read more

Throwback (Music) Thursday

I didn’t realize Aaliyah and Sade share the same birthday until earlier this week. How I’ve never known this information before then I’m not sure, because Aaliyah and Sade, are two of my favorite artists. I’ve known for a while I wanted to share a throwback song for this Thursday’s blog post. Since their birthdays […]

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Happy 70th Birthday & Thank You Grandma/GG..

Today is my Grandmother’s 70th birthday, and oh man, what a blessing she is to this family. Not only has she been blessed to see another day, but she’s here to see the start of a new decade. If you know me, you know I am for sure a “grandma’s girl” and it’s a title […]

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A Huge Birthday Thank You

Yesterday was my 27th golden birthday. Not only have I been blessed to see another year, but I had such an amazing day of being spoiled by my husband and baby girl. I received a massage, brunch in bed, a family walk, alone time to blog, and a delicious shrimp scampi alfredo made by my chef-boyardee […]

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Happy best month of the year, everyone! Why is it the greatest month of the year you ask? Well, because it’s the month I was brought into this big and crazy world :-). Despite me being born in September (and many of my friends), there is so much I love, and look forward to about […]

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Chicago Trip – June 2015

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, I disappeared from the blogging world within the last month. No need to worry, I took a break to enjoy some much-needed vacation time back home in Illinois with my family and friends. I promise I will try not to take such a long break again, because […]

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Utah 2015

As I had stated in my second to last blog post, we took a trip to Utah last week, and we had such an amazing time. We really enjoyed catching up with friends, and taking our first road trip as a family. We did some sightseeing and plenty of eating while we were there. It […]

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