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Vacation Checklist for Toddlers

Exactly one week from today we will be landing in sunny California for some much-needed family and friends time. I’ve been counting down this vacation since we booked the tickets a few months ago. We have so many great events planned out and restaurants to try for the first time. I haven’t been to California in a few years so this will be a nice refresher. Especially since I’ll be going to a few places in California for the first time. Example: San Diego. Read more

Congratulations, Wilcox Family!

I’m sure most of you remember me posting a status on Christmas Day asking you all to pray for our friends, Lacey and Brandon, as their youngest daughter battled a strand of bacterial meningitis in the hospital.(If you are unfamiliar with what meningitis is click here to learn more) As most of you know their […]

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Farewell, Miller Family!

Today, our awesome and close friends, the Millers, started on their journey to start their new chapter at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Talk about a bittersweet (definitely more bitter than sweet) feeling. They have been stuck here at this base for a very long time so this new journey of positive changes and more opportunities is […]

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DIY Salt Dough Pumpkin Prints

I have had quite a few people ask me how I made the salt dough hand print/footprint pumpkin craft for my little one, and I wanted to share the very easy process with all of you. I got the idea from @jessiebroad’s Instagram page who made almost the exact same craft with her children. The […]

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Jordyn is 9 Months Old!

My little Jojo is 9 months old, today. This last month she has advanced and learned so much I can’t believe it’s only been a month since my last post. She’s turning into this semi-independent, head strong, feisty almost one year old right before my eyes. Although Jordyn is only 9 months old, she has […]

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Mom Shaming 101

I never really paid attention to people’s parenting styles and/or advice on social media, prior to having my own child. It was always one of those things I sort of brushed off, because I wasn’t a parent to understand where they were coming from, let alone to give my two cents. Now that I am […]

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Jordyn is 8 Months Old!

My baby girl is officially 8 months old, today. In only 4 short months she will be a year old. Where is the time going? 🙁 She’s been rolling over in the middle of the night for about 2 months now, but would never do it so we could see her. That is until she […]

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The Transition: Working to Staying Home

November 14th, 2014 will be my last day as a working Mom. I will begin the transition of being a stay at home Mom until Jordyn is about 2 years old. My little family and I are fortunate enough to have a husband/father who can support us, (thanks United States Air Force!) so I am […]

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