Spring TV Shows

Happy March everyone! Although it is only the third day of March (happy birthday to my cousin, Ashley!) there are so many television shows airing or returning as early as this Sunday. I have been waiting for the Spring season premieres for quite a few of these shows so I am pretty excited! Some of these shows I haven’t watched because they are new or I have recently gotten into.

*I will separate the season premiere shows by channel/streaming service.*


Little Big Shots – 7pm MST (8/7c)

Chicago Justice – 8pm MST (9/8c)

Shades of Blue (season 2) – 9pm MST (10/9c)


Underground (season 2) – 9pm MST (10/9c)


Shots Fired – 7pm MST (8/7c)

Empire – 8pm MST (9/8c)


Dave Chappelle Stand Ups – March 21st

The Get Down (season 2) – April 7th  

House of Cards (season 5) – May 30th

Are there any shows I missed you are looking forward to watching? Do you watch any of these shows? If so, are you looking forward to them? I’m not afraid to admit I’m a TV junkie from Fall to Spring. Summer is my “time off” to spend more time outdoors, but I still watch Power (which I also can’t wait for). Hopefully the return of these shows live up to the hype! I guess we’ll see soon enough..


Brie <3


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