Spring Flower Decor

Spring may have officially began two months ago, but it has only felt like Spring the last two weeks. Living in Montana means our warmer seasons, Spring and Summer, start weeks after everyone else. When I first moved here it took a while to adjust to the crazy weather. After living here for over five years, I have started a seasonal routine, to get myself ready for the new season. One of my favorite ways to prepare for new seasons is to do a seasonally themed D.I.Y. project. This year I decided to do Spring Flower Decor centerpiece D.I.Y.s for a pop of color in my home.

Due to living on base housing there is a lot of white all over my home. All of the walls and door/window framing are white, the carpet is a creme color, and our flooring is off white. We could paint the walls if we wanted to, but we would have to paint them back before moving out. It’s not worth the amount of work it will take to do so. Thankfully, I can add color to these boring rooms by creating projects, such as my Spring Flower Decor centerpieces.

The best part about these Spring Flower Decor centerpieces is I spent less than $1o for all of the materials. I bought all the materials from Dollar Tree. The glass vases, flowers, and rocks all cost me $8 exactly. Not only are projects fun but they’re even better when you can do them for cheap!

Spring Flower Decor

You will need all of the items you see pictured above for this project. You can choose any color flowers and rocks for this project. The same goes for the vases. I decided on orange, yellow, and white flowers for my Spring Flower Decor. These colors match my dining and living room color schemes. The steps for this project are super easy and as follows:

  1. Fill your vases 80% of the way full with your rocks.
  2. Cut 2-3 inches off the flower stems.
  3. Holding your flowers in your hand arrange them the way you want them to look in the vase.
  4. Place the flowers in the vase and push them down until they’re secure.
  5. Once the flowers are placed fill the vase closer to the top with your remaining rocks.

Now you have yourself a beautiful Spring Flower Decor centerpiece to brighten up your home!

Spring Flower Decor

(If you are looking for additional ideas for cute Spring projects for toddlers: DIY Flower Hand Print)

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2 thoughts on “Spring Flower Decor

  1. This Spring Diy really looks Great!!!.It’s Elegant look adds more beauty in the room.Great work!!!

    1. Thank you, Simran 🙂

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