Smithsonian NMAAHC

It’s been 3 months since we took our family vacation to Washington D.C. Anyone who has talked to me about this trip knows the highlight was being able to go to the brand new Smithsonian National African American History and Culture. The wait list to get tickets is still months long, and we happened to be there when it was still possible to wait in line, early in the morning for tickets.¬†

We were in the museum for almost four hours and still only got to see about 60% of the exhibits. There are about seven floors with endless Black history. The floors are broken down by themes so you can visit the exhibits in the order you deem important to your personal taste. I said months back I would share some pictures of my favorite exhibits in a blog post. I was originally going to do it the week after we returned from our trip and ultimately decided it would be perfect to save this post for Black History Month. I hope these pictures convince some of you to go experience this magical and powerful museum on your own one day soon.

Have you visited the NMAAHC? If so, what was your favorite part of the museum? If not, is it on your future travel plans list to visit?

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody. Happy first Friday of Black History Month!


Brie <3


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