Happy best month of the year, everyone! Why is it the greatest month of the year you ask? Well, because it’s the month I was brought into this big and crazy world :-). Despite me being born in September (and many of my friends), there is so much I love, and look forward to about this month. My favorite season (Fall) is slowly approaching, which means so many great things are to come.

September has to be a pretty big deal, when one of the greatest bands of all time, decided to make an entire song named “September”. It is still a bucket list goal of mine to see these guys perform live before they retire for good. “September” is only one of the many Earth, Wind & Fire songs I love. You could play “Reasons”, “After The Love Has Gone”, or “Fantasy” and I’m going to sing at the top of my lungs like I’m a long-lost group member.

Whatever reasons you may have for enjoying the month of September, add a little more happiness to your month, and start it off the right way by getting a good dance in to this song. For added giggles, I’m posting the original video from Vevo below. Take a look at those graphics and outfits hahaha. We’ve for sure come a long way in the technology era. However, depending on the outfit, I wouldn’t mind going back to the 70’s fashion era.

Happy and joyous September to all of you!

Brie <3


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