See You Later, Grandma Toni!

Kris, Jordyn and I were lucky enough to have my Mother-in-law a.k.a. Grandma Toni, here in Montana with us for about a month and a half. We really enjoyed having her here and we are so sad she had to leave us. Jordyn especially loved having her Grandma Toni here to follow EVERYWHERE like she was her little shadow. Jordyn adores her Grandma Toni (because Grandmas are always the superstars) and I’m sure she’s wondering where she is, and why she¬†didn’t get to see her this morning.


I’m sure you’ve all heard the classic Mother-in-law horror stories, but I’m one of the select few who can brag about not only having an awesome mother-in-law, but a great relationship with her as well. As always when we’re together we always have such great, in-depth, conversations about life in general. It was especially nice to have an adult to talk to during the day while Kris is at work and I’m hanging with the munchkin. All of my fellow SAHMs (stay at home Moms) understand what I mean! Oh, did I mention how much she HELPED us around the house. I think I’ve done the dishes and laundry ONCE since she’s been here, and I’m not going to lie…I got spoiled rotten. While she was doing the dishes last night I said to her “I’m going to have to start doing my own dishes again” in the most pathetic sounding voice ever LOL.

From bath time, to potty training, to hanging out in the man cave watching movies on the projector and sharing popcorn together, Jordyn and her Grandma were able to create a lot of fun memories. I’m sure the little munchkin will expect Mom (as she calls me) to keep most of these fun traditions up now that Grandma has gone back home. However, she will surely miss Grandma Toni’s cell phone (and sharing Sesame Street videos to Grandma Toni’s Facebook wall LOL) because Mom isn’t as willing to let her play with hers since she broke Mom’s last phone -_-.


One of the hardest parts of being a military family is being based so far away from family and friends. You would think as many times as we have visitors we would get used to the “see you laters” but in all honesty they only get harder. Being married, and even more so, being parents, you learn exactly how much family means to you, and how much you took them for granted when they lived up the street. Thankfully, it is 2016, and we have amazing technology that allows us to be closer to loved ones even when they’re hundreds of miles away. There will be plenty of Facetime calls and Facebook posts until we are able to see each other again. (Prayerfully sooner than later!)

Thanks again for spending so much time with us, Grandma Toni. We are surely going to miss you around here. Safe travels back to Illinois, and we all love and miss you already. Try not to be too sad, because although it’s extremely hard to be so far away from each other, we’re blessed to have people to love and miss as much as we love and miss each other.


We love you!



Brie <3


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