See You Later, Grandma & Auntie Maya!

This past weekend, we said “see you later”, to my Mom and sister, Maya. They left Saturday morning to head back to the Chicagoland area. (They almost stayed a few extra nights if we hadn’t made their train within minutes of it leaving lol).

We’ve had the pleasure of spending close to two months with my youngest sister, Maya, a.k.a. Jordyn’s, Auntie Maya. She came back to Montana with us from our Chicago trip, for a majority of the summer, before she had to go back and prepare for school. As always, it was so nice to have her here to spend time with us and be an amazing helper around the house. Little Miss Jordyn, loves having her Auntie Maya around to beat up and love at the same time. The picture collage below should give you a pretty idea of how their relationship works…LOL!

MayaJordyn Collage

To be fair, they had many adorable moments, as well. Jordyn would get SO excited in the morning when Auntie Maya woke up, and came downstairs. She would let out a little squeal and dance to show her excitement. They also spent a lot of time just being together watching movies, or strolling around base/town looking adorable. For example, the picture below shows a little bit of their cuteness :-).

MayaJordyn2 Collage

My Mom got here two weeks after Maya, Jordyn and I returned from Chicago. As usual, she came with gifts (foods and spices we can’t get here in Montana) and outside of being the usual big help she was with Jordyn, she made us curry shrimp, oxtail, and powder buns (Belizean pastry) within her two-week visit. Needless to say, she’s the best, and not only do Kris and I love her, but so do our stomachs and taste buds haha. There were so many mornings I woke up, and Jordyn was awake, changed, fed, and downstairs hanging out with her Grandma, while they let me sleep in, and relax. Reminded me of the two weeks my Mom spent here in Montana around this exact same time, last year. She was so helpful with Jordyn so Kris and I could sleep in some mornings, or catch a nap if we had the opportunity. As much as I know she loves spending time with us (about 10% of the reason she comes to visit) and Jordyn (about 90% of the reason she comes to visit LOL) we love and enjoy her being around just as much, if not more. Jordyn loves her Granny (as I like to call her) and you can tell by how much she loves to yell at her Granny to pick her up or share her food LOL.

GrandmaJordyn Collage

When you live so far away from family, spending time together is even more cherished. The hardest part of coming from a large, close-knit family, and living so far away, is loving people so deeply and not being able to see them whenever you want. We all managed not to cry this time around (it’s a miracle), because we know we will get to see each other again next month. We are stopping in Chicago on our way to and from the east coast, in September, for a friend’s wedding/to see friends. If we were unsure of the next time we would get to see each other I’m sure it would’ve been waterworks at the Shelby train station haha.

I’m so happy you guys made it back safely. We love and miss you already. Looking forward to seeing you guys next month, and can’t wait to make even more memories next summer! 😉


Brie <3


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2 thoughts on “See You Later, Grandma & Auntie Maya!

  1. looks like a lot of fun !! You all look great! Miss ya Brie!!😊

    1. Thank you so much, Carey! I miss you more! When my wild child is having a good day we’re going to have to come back and visit everyone 🙂 hug Tazio for me!

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