R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson

Today, I’m actually speechless. I’ve known since I found out this morning about Prince’s passing I was going to write a blog post, but about what? Who in the world doesn’t know how important he was to the music industry? Who doesn’t already know how he single handedly transformed music as we know it. Who doesn’t know how unbelievably talented he was? Who doesn’t know the musical GENIUS he was to so many generations? WHO DOESN’T ALREADY KNOW THESE THINGS?

Every comment thread I read today from Billboard to Fox News to CNN there was not one negative comment about Prince. All the comments consisted of were people meeting up in one place to mourn the loss of a legend, and tell personal stories of the first time they remember a Prince song changing their lives in some way shape or form. This in itself is a testament to how important Prince was to this world.

I watched Purple Rain this afternoon, I’ve been watching the Prince marathon on MTV since the movie ended, and I’ve been listening to my favorite Prince songs in between commercials of the video marathon and nothing will ever be enough. However, my daughter has been dancing her little heart out to Prince’s upbeat songs and it’s been putting the biggest smile on my face. She WILL grow up listening to and knowing the musical genius and importance of Prince Rogers Nelson.

My heart hasn’t hurt this badly for a celebrity/person I don’t personally know since Michael Jackson back in 2009. I’m still not over Michael’s death and here we are 7 years later mourning Prince. I was doing pretty okay not crying today until the actual performance of Purple Rain in the movie took place and the tears started flowing. Prince always talked about his belief in the Lord, he knew the Lord was real, and there’s no doubt in my mind he is putting on a great show for Him, tonight.

We lost a legend today and although we’ll never get over the passing of someone still so young, we can make peace with knowing he changed so many of our lives, and his music will live on forever.

R.I.P. Prince!


Brie <3


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